More Government funding to be placed in Grammar Schools

While we are never one to discount any form of education, it is no secret that Grammar Schools are a sought after option for education in many regions. Grammar Schools are seen to provide a much higher education rate than some other schools, which has meant that there are long waiting lists and exams to […]

What is Accelerated Learning, and How Can it Boost Your Child’s Attainment?

As a parent or teacher, there’s nothing you love more than a technique that can help you boost a child’s attainment at school. So if you haven’t heard about ‘Accelerated Learning’, you’re in for a treat. This post aims to examine what accelerated learning is and how it can help improve how we teach our […]

5 Ways to teach Your Child about the Joys of The Library!

Lots of things have changed over the last few decades. One of those things is how we keep ourselves entertained, and the same goes for our children. It’s all too easy to entertain them down with a smartphone or tablet, watching videos on YouTube or something on TV. Now, we aren’t saying that twenty years […]

How to get boys reading?

Do you feel that reading isn’t as popular with children these days? We’re all too wrapped up in our iPhones and tablets, after all, and attention-grabbing apps and games are too much competition for boring old books. Well, you might be surprised to learn that sales of children’s books rose by 16% over the past […]

The Importance of Children Learning Music

  In our modern age of cuts, the music and the arts are often the first to the chopping block. Generally, the reasoning behind learning music (or learning to paint, or learning to craft for that matter) has always been woollier than the reasons we should study maths and science. Whereas maths and science have […]

What is The Growth Mindset?

The ‘growth mindset’ movement is the newest way psychologists think education can be changed for the better. It has been taking the U.S. by storm, and it’s about to hit the shores in the U.K. So before it hits, let’s look at what exactly a ‘growth mindset’ is and why the idea is proving so […]

Children’s Experience of School in South Korea

South Korea is almost always at the top of international rankings for education. For instance, in maths and science, South Korea is regularly one of the top three (if not number one). This probably won’t come as any surprise to you: it’s relatively well known that Asian countries like South Korea, Japan and Singapore are […]

The Positive Impact of Reading on Children’s Development

The positive impact of reading on children’s development is common knowledge. Events like World Book Day promote literacy each year as the answer to many, if not most, of the problems our education system faces. But where has this idea come from? Is it a simple assumption that maybe doesn’t have a basis in solid […]

Screen time: How too much electronic media can be bad for our children

The Situation Since television sets became commonplace in the average British household, parents around the country have known the delights of plopping their little one down in front of the screen. They let the world of child-oriented media take over the parenting duties while mum and dad get things done around the house. And in […]