What does Jeff Benzos See in Singapore Maths?

It is no secret that students in China and Singapore are excelling in maths. Especially compared to children in other nations. But what is the reason for this? Jeff Bezos often comes up when it comes to the success rates of maths, but what is the link between the two?


What is Singapore Maths?

Also known as maths for mastery, this approach to teaching maths ensures that children are fluent but help them to solve non-routine maths problems without rote learning and memorising procedures.

It is an entirely different approach to thinking and teaching, which is not seen throughout the rest of the world. However, it does seem to be working for those students in South Asia.

One of the concepts of Singapore Maths is that the entire class moves at the same pace. Each topic is tackled and studied in-depth, and the teacher will not move onto the next topic until the whole class has demonstrated that they understand the concepts that have been taught.

Another key aspect in Singapore Maths is that students are given the time to think and consider the approaches and concepts behind their learning. They are not given rules and procedures to memorise but instead are encouraged to understand their learning on a relational level.

It may seem that things are taught at a much slower pace. However, this slower pace allows the students to grip the subject and stops the teachers from revisiting any topics.

Perhaps the most important aspect of Singapore Maths, particularly when it comes to the students who are learning, is that it can build self-confidence in those learning the subject. The traditional approach in the rest of the world is that children are split into different groups that reflect their learning ability (or what is their anticipated ability). From a very early age, children are segregated into those who are “good” and those who are “bad” at maths. This will lead them to doubt their ability, which will affect the effort they put in and even impact their learning.

When maths is taught with the Singapore approach, all children are given access to the maths curriculum in full. This inclusive approach improves the confidence in those people and helps them make the most of their learning.


Why is Jeff Bezos linked to this variety of teaching maths?

Jeff Bezos is a name that you may have heard of. He is the creator and CEO of Amazon and is one of the richest men in the world. Needless to say, Jeff is keen on finding new, creative and inventive ways to get things done. This brought to his and his wife MacKenzie’s attention the world of Singapore Maths.

Both of them, as parents, want to make sure that they give their children the very best education. They tried various approaches, including Mandarin lessons, after-school clubs, and encouraging their children to spend time playing with neighbourhood kids. All things that can help children become well-rounded and well-adjusted and brush up on those vital social skills.

With such a big name in the world of business embracing this different approach to teaching and learning, we are sure that it won’t be long before it starts to appear across the rest of the world. This may very well have a substantial positive impact on the understanding and passion that kids have for mathematics across the globe.