11 Plus Mock Exams Essex – CSSE and CCHS Chelmsford Test Centre

ANNOUNCEMENT – 2024 Sessions Now Available for Booking Our Summer 2024 courses are now open for booking. 11 Plus worries? Exam nerves?  98% of those who sat our exams last year got above 303 points. Give your child the best chance with the 2023 exams and feedback. All prices include feedback, the return of the […]

The 11 Plus Standardised Scores Calculator and Table: A Comprehensive Guide

Wondering how to navigate the 11 Plus standardised scores table? This concise guide will clarify how standardised scoring works, why it’s used, and how to interpret these crucial figures. Whether you’re a parent or educator, understanding these scores is vital for assessing student readiness for secondary education. Expect to learn about raw score conversion, the […]

11 Plus Practice Papers for CSSE Grammar Schools

Have you already gone through all of the CSSE  past papers? – Purchase our Practice 11 Plus Papers Now! Introduction: What is the CSSE 11+ Test? Do you often find yourself wondering, ‘What exactly is the CSSE 11+ Test?’ Don’t fret, as you’re certainly not alone. The Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex (CSSE) 11+ […]

Essex CSSE 11 Plus 2025 Year 7 Entry Guide

For those thinking of enrolling their child in an Essex grammar school, the 11 Plus 2025 Year 7 Entry Guide is designed to provide insight into every detail regarding these selective schools known for providing superior academics and a well-rounded education. This guide will walk you through all aspects of applying—from preparation tips to taking […]

GL Scoring Guide

GL Assessment Preparation Scoring Guide

Are you preparing for the GL Assessment tests? If so, you’re in the right place. We know how crucial these tests are for securing a place in selective schools, and we’re here to help you navigate this journey with confidence. In this comprehensive GL Assessment preparation scoring guide, we’ll cover everything from understanding the purpose […]

guide to GL exams

Understanding GL Assessment: A Comprehensive Guide

Parents, teachers and students can use their understanding of GL Assessment to gain knowledge on a child’s academic abilities, potential and which areas need improvement. With this guide to unravel the complexities of assessments by GL Assessments parents, educators and learners will be better equipped in furthering educational experiences. Key Takeaways GL Assessment is an […]

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Our GL Assessment Papers – A Free Guide

Click For The Official Gl Assessment Free Papers – PDF: Once you have exhausted the free papers from the official GL site, we would recommend our own professionally designed full papers from our store:   Unlock Success with Expert GL Assessment! Your child’s bright future is just one step away. In the challenging arena of […]

11+ stakeholders

Stakeholders in The 11 Plus Exam

The agencies, authorities and stakeholders that are involved in the 11+ exams are possibly more varied than you may realise. There are a few that you are going to need to know of and understand what part they play in the process. Let’s take a look at some of the main ones to know. Future […]

Regional variation in 11 plus exams

Regional Variations in 11+ Exams

In England, there are now 164 grammar schools that parents and children can choose from when they are looking at their further and future education. These schools are spread around the entire width and breadth of England and you are likely to find one that is at least relatively close to where you currently live. […]

11+ Subjects

Subjects Covered in 11+ Practice Papers

The Eleven Plus exam is the exam that children need to take and pass, for them to be able to attend state grammar schools. The subjects that they will contain will vary from year to year, however, they are made up of four different disciplines and depending on where you live you may find that […]