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Deciding upon a direction for your child’s educational future is one of the most important decisions that you are likely to make. Facts and figures are paramount in order for you to make those all important decisions. We have the statistics to prove that choosing us, is definitely the right decision. With a variety of educational packages here in Essex, we understand that finding experienced, high quality tuition is key. The 11 Plus Essex team is here to help and assist you making that right decision in finding the right 11 plus tutor, with our variety of highly trained individuals and personalised, private tuition tailored structure for each individual, your in the right hands. We understand how important it is that you chose the best for your child and for your money. Our services originally focussed on tutoring in Chelmsford, Colchester, Brentwood and Billericay,  but have since extended right across Essex including areas such as Southend on sea, Basildon, Ilford and Rayleigh.

The 11 plus Essex team is a small team of highly qualified, experienced teachers who specialise in working with the more able student. We understand how important it is to individually tailor each private tuition, program specifically to your child, as we know every child has a unique requirement in order to maximise their educational success. Every requirement is discussed with you over the telephone, to be able to establish your requirements. We at The 11 Plus tutors will then establish a suitable time for you so that we can perform a suitable one to one assessment of your child’s current educational position, auditing and analysing key focus areas in order to maximum his / her potential. From our discussions we are then able to create an individual and personalised plan for your child. One which differentiates our 11 plus Essex team from other educational providers. We pride ourselves in having you and your children at the forefront of our offering, with each area considered carefully, rigorously tested in order to achieve the high standard you are requiring.

We cover all areas of strength, where and what we can focus on in order to fully maximise the child’s potential, utilising all areas of study and revision. So far, we have been inundated here at The 11 Plus Tutors in Essex, Chelmsford HQ with some of our popular demands including 1-to-1 Tuition, mock CSSE and CEM 11 exam sessions , a creative writing club from encouraging the more creative writer (now a core part of the 11+ exam), and exam preparation workshops to coach and prepare your child for the all important exam. We also have experience in tutoring for the various independent school entrance exams in Essex and SATS preparation. These are just some of the extensively researched methods we offer here at 11 plus in order to fully support your child’s learning requirements. We gained a good understanding through our years of experience, how to tailor packages.  For many parents how important it is to know your child is being coached, by the best possible 11 plus tutor.

Here at 11 plus Tutors we fully comply to the educational standards set within the Essex area, and all our teachers have been rigorously screened and fully DBS checked for your peace of mind. Contact The 11 Plus Tutors in Essex today to book your consultation and discuss yours and your childs educational requirements. We are here to offer you, the best decision in regards to your children, with every piece of their learning process at the forefront of our establishment ethics and we are here to guide you, in making the right decision today.

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What is The 11+ Exam?

The Eleven Plus Examination, also know as the 11+, is an exam that students take at the beginning their last year in Primary school.This test allows them to gain entrance to the exclusive grammar school of their choosing.  The majority of children will be 10 year olds when they have to take the exam. This is why it is named the 11+, referring to the entrance age of children entering grammar school, 11 and over. Now, there are only 164 grammar schools left in England. In addition, Northern Ireland discontinued the use of the 11+ exam in 2008, as a standard for entrance to Grammar School. Although, some former grammar schools still to use this test to evaluate a child’s scholastic ability. Such actions have generated substantial political controversy. The rate of qualification for this exam varies widely throughout the country. For instance, areas like Kingston and Sutton, with only four grammar schools, have a low pass rate of around three percent, due to the fact that they attract several thousand applicants for just a handful of spots. Whereas areas like Buckinghamshire, where the grammar system has been retained in full, have a considerably higher pass rate of approximately thirty percent. The 11+ exam can assess each student in up to four different subjects, non-verbal reasoning, verbal reasoning, English, and mathematics. The combination of these subjects on the exam varies around the country.

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Our 11 Plus Tuition Centre in Chelmsford

Small group tuition can yield many benefits.  Our highly capable and skilled staff at our Chelmsford tuition centre hold bi-weekly sessions. A great deal of importance is now being placed upon general literacy and writing skills. Our workshops are run by experts in the field and are designed to bring your child up to the 11+ standard. Please call us for more information. (Introduce a friend a get the first month free!)  

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Our Chelmsford Centre

Centre Address: 2, Threadneedle House, Chelmsford, CM1 1XH Phone Number: 01206 214109

Our 11 Plus Tuition Centre in Ilford

***OPENING SEPTEMBER 2017***- Small group tuition can bring lots of benefits.  Our very capable and experienced staff at our Ilford tuition centre hold weekly sessions. Our sessions cover all areas needed for all of the types of 11+ examination. A reading list is issued and membership to our online testing site is offered. Please call us for more information.  (Introduce a friend a get the first month free!)

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Our Ilford Centre

Centre Address: 348-360 Cranbrook Rd, Ilford IG2 6HX Phone Number: 01206 214109

1-to-1 Tuition

This is the most powerful and responsive option available. After an initial assessment, we will draw-up an individual learning plan for your child so that they can achieve success in the 11 Plus exam. We do not rely upon one source for our materials. We use a variety of teaching and learning methods to help the learner. Above all, we foster a supportive, motivating, and fun approach. Our team is fully qualified and DBS checked.

Young student engaged in the lessons with his teacher.
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Our Chelmsford Centre

Office Address: 2, Threadneedle House, Chelmsford, CM1 1XH Phone Number: 01206 214109

Our Mock Exam Package

It is not uncommon for highly able students, to fail the exam due to lack of exposure to controlled conditions.. We have responded by putting together a winning package of 8 Mock 11 Plus examinations. These are run during the Summer holiday and involve children being exposed to a simulation of the real exam.  Detailed results are returned back to the parents within 3 days. Parents are able to purchase this through our online shop.

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Our Appearance on ITV Anglia News

On Friday 20th January, we appeared on IVT Anglia news in interview. James Goldsmith, The Director at The Eleven Plus Tutors in Essex, appeared in interview, talking about the demands of the 11+ tuition industry. One of our current parents and her daughter were also interviewed to discuss our tuition service.

Our Appearance on BBC Radio 5 Live

On Tuesday 16th October, we appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live as 11+ Experts. One of our expert tutors went to the London studio to talk through an 11+ paper and talk about its demands. One of our current parents and her daughter were also on the show to discuss our tuition service.

Our Appearance on BBC Essex

On Tuesday 16th October, James Goldsmith was also interviewed on BBC Essex about the positive effects of tutoring. The director of The Eleven Plus Tutors in Essex talked about his approach to tuition and about how it can add massive value to a child’s education.

Our Summer School

You can harness the power of both the creative writing and mock exam packages. Class sizes will be kept to a minimum, and will run through the Summer holidays.  Book now to ensure that your child is best placed to pass the Essex 11 Plus exam. Parents are able to purchase this through our online shop.

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Eleven Plus in Essex – CEM 11 Success?

We assist children who will be taking the CEM 11 plus exam (The University of Durham’s Centre for the Evaluation and Monitoring.  Your child will have to: 1. Perform well in a range of different core skills   – Non verbal reasoning – Verbal Reasoning – Numeracy   2. Be adept at moving from one of these core skills to another within 1 exam 3. Quickly answer all questions as the exam is highly time pressured

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Top Experts

Academic Director- James Goldsmith B.A(Hons) P.G.C.E

James graduated from The University of Sussex in 1996 and completed his P.G.C.E teaching qualification in 1997.  Since then, James has worked as both a teacher, examiner and in management across a broad spectrum of the State and Independent Education sectors.  He is committed to constantly upgrading his teaching skills and raising standards.

Louise Webb B.A(Hons) Cambridge P.G.C.E

Since graduating from Jesus College, Cambridge University with a degree in English, Louise went onto train as a teacher.  She has achieved great results, whilst working in the state schools over the years.  She is our resident expert in English and creative writing.


“James tutored my son for approximately 7 months leading up to the 11+ exam. He instilled confidence and encouraged my son to challenge himself, moving beyond his comfort zone. He gave advise as to what support materials to practise, and even how much time to spend on certain activities. Getting through the 11+ is not easy for the parent or child, but we made it with James’s guidance, perseverance and expertise. He enabled my son to get a fantastic result and to go to the grammar school we were hoping for. Thanks James! Sarah”

Sarah Toward- Great Dunmow

“I found The Eleven Plus Tutors in Essex website and thought that I would give them a call.  I found them to be extremely knowledgeable and happy to talk.”

Jessica White

“I decided on private one-to-one tuition because my daughter’s tuition centre had lots of children. Thus, the children were not getting enough attention. Also, her confidence was low because the Head at the tuition center had told me that she was at the borderline, which was demotivating. Mr James Goldsmith changed all this with his constant encouragement, hard work and most importantly confidence building. He quickly identified her weakness and worked with her on it. His technique was easy to understand and he understood what was required to pass the 11+. He is very professional and gave useful feedback after every lesson and homework to check her understanding of the lesson. I made the best decision when I chose him as my daughter’s tutor, as she excelled beyond my expectation in her CSSE exams and the Chelmsford County High School for Girls- CEM exam. I am so grateful to James and would recommend him anywhere, anyway!”

Egbikuadje Fidelia- Dagenham