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    • 11 Plus tuition centre in Ilford, tailored to your child’s individual needs.
    • Expert Eleven Plus tuition from inspiring 11+ tutors.
    • CCHS (FSCE) and GL Assessment  11+ Coaching
    • C.S.S.E 11+ Exam Preparation
    • Online Tuition is also Available
    • Energetic and positive learning that children enjoy.
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11 Plus Tutors Ilford – Why use an 11 Plus tutor of ours?

Our Eleven Plus Tutors in Ilford are here to help your child succeed. We are your first choice when it comes to professional tutors with real-world experience. Each tutor delivers their sessions in a manner that is not only inspiring but also delivers results. At our 11 plus tuition centre in Ilford, our tutoring methods are tailored to fit your child’s needs. The tuition will also improve their learning skills so they can go on to excel and achieve their potential.

What can we offer you and your child?

We are the right team to tutor your child to their eleven plus success because of our tremendous experience in the field. Our team of tutors has already helped thousands of students achieve the results they need in entrance exams. We are highly skilled in delivering a fast-track educational system, and we can also help instil confidence in your child to enable them to flourish.

Experienced, high-calibre tutors

You can put your mind at ease with us. Our trusted team of experienced professional tutors have been individually screened and vetted to meet our very high-quality standards and levels of expectations. Many of them have worked with us for a long time. Furthermore, when we hire, we only accept new tutors of the highest calibre from the applicants. Our expert tutors come with experience from many different backgrounds subjects and specialities. This is why we will always have the perfect tutor to suit your child’s particular needs. The one thing that unites all of our professional tutors: they all have a desire to see your child succeed.

Constant parent-tutor communication

As a parent, one thing that is going to be important to you is communication. We understand that it is key to be always kept up to date on your child’s progress. So don’t hesitate to call us at any time, should you want to ask us any questions or discuss their learning.

The 11 Plus tutoring sessions are built around the student

The old tutoring approach doesn’t work anymore. This is why we have developed a new, updated, fresh approach to tuition. Due to their long years of experience, the 11 plus tutors in Ilford know what new generations need. First and foremost, they take the time to understand their student’s concerns and challenges. This allows them to create tested and trusted techniques that will inspire and engage in equal measure.

We offer a summer 11 plus tuition program

If you and your child find it difficult to manage school and work together with the tuition, we have a solution. We have developed our extensive summer program where our tutors cover a wide range of different courses during the summer weeks. All of these are designed to be fun and help the children grow their knowledge. So you and your child no longer have to sacrifice other activities and free time.

Excelling students support

Tutoring isn’t only about aiding in the progress of the child. Sometimes it is about supporting their broad base of knowledge in which they are excelling from their peers at school. Especially if your child is showing signs of being exceptionally proficient in any area of their studies, we can boost this and give them a suitable space to grow. Something that regular schools cannot offer.

Get in touch with us to talk in person about how we can help your child achieve all that they are capable of.

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