The results are in for the 2018 Sunday Times Schools Guide and it is good news for Essex schools

A New Wave of Grammar Schools to be Built?

New Secretary for Education open to lifting the ban on new grammar schools in England The newly appointed Secretary of State for Education, Justine Greening, has recently announced that she is “open minded” about the possible creation of new grammar schools in England: and she isn’t alone in her thoughts. Over 100 Conservative MPs are […]

The Rise of Home Schooling

  Are we seeing more children home schooled? As part of a Freedom of Information request, the Guardian has found that ‘numbers [of home schooled children] are rising’. ‘Nobody knows’ the exact number since parents whose children are home schooled from the beginning of their education are in fact under no obligation to tell anybody! […]

A parent’s guide to the new times table SATS test

By now you may well have heard of the Government’s new times table addition to the KS2 SATS test; and despite the education secretary herself ducking and diving out of answering any times table’s questions herself, KS2 children won’t be so lucky. Nor does it seem, will their schools as the newly laid plans outline that […]

Can Tuition Help Pass the Eleven Plus Exam?

As parents, one of the biggest concerns faced is the path of their child’s education. Everyone wants their kids to get the best from their education and go to the best possible schools. One route is to attend one of the grammar schools in the area and this involves passing the CSSE 11 Plus exam. […]

11+ Tutoring in Colchester 

Grammar Schools provide for an amazing academic opportunity, benefitting from far better student achievement statistics and extracurricular actives and experiences. And with Grammar schools in fewer numbers than ever before, the competition for places continues to become ever fiercer as our school populations increase, with only 164 Grammar schools remaining throughout the UK.   11 Plus Tutors Colchester – […]

A New Expansion in Grammar Schools?

Over the past week news has broken that the Weald of Kent School, a grammar school based on Tonbridge, Kent, is to open an annexe to its existing building having been given the green light by Conservative ministers. This has been heralded as being the “first new grammar school” to open within the past 5 […]

The National Curriculum: A Parent’s Guide to upcoming changes

        Any mention to changes within the National Curricular and parents are rightly concerned, particularly those parents who may have already experienced the National Curriculum, first hand through the eldest of their children. However such concerns tend to swirl around one central point: a lack of understanding and information. To this end […]

The Rise of 11 plus Tutors uptake in the town of Billericay

At 11 Plus Tutors in Essex we’ve seen an unprecedented rise in the number of pupils within the Billericay region. This trend is one that has been widely reflected country wide, with a purported 24% of pupils benefiting from private tuition in the past 12 months (The Telegraph, 2013). However private tuition, particularly for the […]