Can Tuition Help Pass the Eleven Plus Exam?

As parents, one of the biggest concerns faced is the path of their child’s education. Everyone wants their kids to get the best from their education and go to the best possible schools. One route is to attend one of the grammar schools in the area and this involves passing the CSSE 11 Plus exam. But with the workload on the modern junior school, sometimes getting the right lessons in place to prepare for the exam can be difficult. This is why many parents are turning to tuition for the 11 Plus exam.

Why take the Eleven Plus?

There are some 164 grammar schools around the UK who will only consider accepting pupils who have passed their Eleven Plus exam. The exam is based around four main components, with different areas using slightly different variations – verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, maths and English.

The Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex or CSSE covers those taking the eleven plus in Colchester and around the county. They use three of these components – verbal reasoning, maths and English. One of the top schools in the county currently is the Colchester Royal Grammar School who will accept students based on their results in the exam. This school is a good example of why grammar schools are a popular choice, with 93% of their students achieving grades A* to B on their A-Levels and 100% of students achieving five A* to C grades in their GSCEs.

Eleven Plus Tuition

When the decision is made for a child to take the Eleven Plus exam and aim to enter one of the grammar schools, then specialist tuition is often an option. Schools currently don’t focus lessons specifically towards the areas covered by the exam, instead following the National Curriculum.

This is why many parents choose to use a specialist tuition service. This is a service that offers a personalised learning plan for the child that suits their learning abilities. It also focuses on areas that are relevant to the exam and balances the lessons around what the child needs to work on. This means they can work more on their weaknesses and less on their strength areas with aim of balancing the two.

Another focus of tuition for those taking the Eleven Plus in Colchester is the exam process itself. Many people approach an exam filled with knowledge but when it comes to the actual exam-taking process, it all leaves the mind. Specialist tuition will also include how to prepare for the exam and be mentally ready for the examination day.

Finally, another advantage of using a tutor for Eleven Plus in Colchester is their knowledge of the local schools, such as the Colchester Royal Grammar School. They will have experience with the school’s admission systems that allow them to help with the interview process, another important component of gaining entry to the school. While this isn’t an interview in the way a job interview is, it is a tool used by schools to help make selection and preparing for it is just as important as the exam itself.