The National Curriculum: A Parent’s Guide to upcoming changes

        Any mention to changes within the National Curricular and parents are rightly concerned, particularly those parents who may have already experienced the National Curriculum, first hand through the eldest of their children. However such concerns tend to swirl around one central point: a lack of understanding and information. To this end […]

The Rise of 11 plus Tutors uptake in the town of Billericay

At 11 Plus Tutors in Essex we’ve seen an unprecedented rise in the number of pupils within the Billericay region. This trend is one that has been widely reflected country wide, with a purported 24% of pupils benefiting from private tuition in the past 12 months (The Telegraph, 2013). However private tuition, particularly for the […]

The 11 Plus Practice

The 11 Plus Hub is an on-line 11 plus practice learning resources for students that practice for their 11 plus this year for further English grammar school admissions and additional educational pursuits. We understand this educational practice is a really important stage in many children’s lives, regardless of their school and ages, and want to make the experience one that is not stressful but simple to use. Plus, our digital […]

Brentwood tutors see rise in demand for 11-plus help

Our Brentwood Tutors The 11-plus examination is one that sometimes gives children (and parents) large amounts of stress. Recently, there has been a rise in the number of parents requesting Brentwood tutors to help their children with preparation for this all- important examination, taking their child’s education very seriously, and opting for extra assistance, particularly […]