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The 11 Plus Hub is an online eleven plus exams for students that practice for their 11 plus this year for further English grammar school admissions and additional educational pursuits. We understand this educational practice is a really important stage in many children’s lives, regardless of their school and ages, and want to make the experience one that is not stressful but simple to use. Plus, our digital study papers give your child the best resources and answers to their questions that they cannot get in school. This ensure a good practice to their absolute potential in the preparation this year.

Online Eleven Plus Exams Practice Material –Your Child’s Best Preparation Resources For The 11 Plus Tests

Searching for info how to help your child’s educational practice for their eleven plus exams this year and get the best score in English and the other subjects? For children of any ages, the old “learn and practice by the book” at school is an outdated preparation. This is why we have developed a set of the best mock tests this year that are up to date with the latesteducational info and possible resources and questions that will help your child reach best practice in school. Plus, with our materials they can go beyond the expected to get ahead of their peers for further school admissions and additional educational preparation.

Our 11 plus preparation resources cover English, maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning in the best interactive way appropriated by badges and awards with the correct answers in each 11 plus level. The online practice material has a progress-tracking info with which you can see how your child’s English, verbal reasoning, and Maths preparation practice is advancing at any time. This is why it is good for children at any ages. By taking our best 11 plus educational preparation tests, your child won’t only test their current attainment level in school, but they’ll also get info on their potential for future school admissions, pluslearn along the way catching up with any info they might have missed to date.

The Benefits Of The Best 11 plus Practice Online Tests Vs. English Exam Papers

Learning by the books and papers isn’t so effective anymore, the educational info in school ages and isn’t updated accordingly. If the practice for an 11 plus exam does not include suitable preparation before the admissions for the real 11 plus exam in school, then your child cannot know what answers they should pay utmost attention to, thus they won’t be fully prepared for the real English and maths exam. By taking our best 11 plus mock test, they will practice for the actual “question and answer” format plus get info on where they lack educational knowledge so they put more effort in the preparation for the 11 plus test. These are just some of the preparation benefits of taking our best 11 plus practice mock test that you won’t find in any English exampapers.

The practice of assessing your child’s current educational knowledge

By knowing where your child’s current educational knowledge is, you know what preparation methods to pay the most attention to for now and in the future, and exactly what to practice for their English grammar school admissions. This is why our best 11 plus educational practice tests come with badges and awards after completion of each of the 11 plus practice mock test along with the score and ranking. This is undoubtedly the best educational assessment method for children of all ages. So, before creating any 11 plus study schedule and organized practice, you have info on their current English and maths abilities. Then, by revising each correct and incorrect answer, you can get info for any trends in the ways your child answers the questions and where they make most mistakes. This way you can focus on the preparation of those specific areas. You cannot find this level of self-evaluation in the English, maths, or science exam papers in school. Furthermore, with this kind of educational info, you can set a more specific preparation schedule that your child resonates with best, and can provide practice, plus focus on their weak areas precisely and ensure correct answers and future school admissions.

Knowing what to expect from the best 11 plus educational practice

Our 11 plus practice exam familiarises our students with the specific test format, the way questions and answers are formed, so when they take the actual test they’re better prepared and less stressed. Knowing what to expect at the 11 plus exam leaves the child confident and with an advantage to those that don’t. In fact, admissions statistics show that children, any ages, taking the11 plus pretest outperform those studying English or science by the exam papers only. Confirming children’s educational capacities do improve. The more your child takes practice from our best 11 plus online mock test educational resources, the better they become at recognizing specific 11 plus answer types. This practice places them ahead of their peers in their admissions. Knowing the layout is time-saving as well, as they’ll recognize what’s needed of them more quickly so they’ll save time for the longer questions.

11 plus is a good educational practice to plan the time

Speaking of saving time, taking our eleven plus online practice pretest helps your child in the preparation of the development of their time management skills which is relevant for children of all ages. It is something that they don’t learn in school, but is extremely important because for many children, taking these 11 plus practice exams in English or science is something they’re doing for the first time, and the practice how to plan the time for each answer will take a lot of stress off of their shoulders. This is not something they can do when studying only by the exam papers. So, studying to answer each question right is great, but the direct practice of knowing how to do so in a short time under pressure is excellent for their future admissions, at any ages.

Online Eleven Plus exams practice exam improves confidence for their admissions, overall

Lastly, knowing the format of the 11 plus testing, having info on the types of answers by practice, plus the educational practice of learning how to plan the time, helps your child be more confident when taking the 11 plus testing and for their future admissions. Plus, more self-confidence means less stress and the best performance, which ultimately helps your child with the preparation to master the answers and ace the test this year.

Why Our 11 Plus Online Practice Mock Test?

Now that you know how your child benefits from the 11+ online practice, here’s exactly what our tests offer why those, in particular, are the right ones for your child.

Now that you have the info on how your child benefits from the best 11 plus online practice, here’s exactly what our tests offer, and why those in particular are the best ones for them.

Our educational eleven plus online practice pretests are made to ensure admissions in the wanted grammar school. Plus you will find a specifically designed educational content, types of questions and answers, which you won’t find in the exam papers. Your child will learn from the best. Namely, our materials consist of answers covering different areas like English and science all with different levels of questions starting with less complicated to more complex. The areas our exam covers are as follows:

Our 11+ online pretests are made of individual tests covering different areas all with different levels of questions starting with less complicated to more complex. The areas our tests cover are as follows:

Verbal ReasoningNon Verbal Reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning – induces new ways of thinking and problem-solving questions
  • Non-verbal reasoning– tests thinking through shapes and pictures
  • English language – checks the level of comprehension, improves sentence completion, spelling, and punctuation
  • Maths – teaches your child to build up their mathematical ability to the national curriculum stage
  • Verbal reasoning – this 11 plus online practice test induces the best ways of thinking with problem-solving answers, just like those needed in grammar school. It is found useful and educational for children at all ages
  • Non-verbal reasoning– 11 plus practice exams are helping your child think through shapes and pictures, which is found to be the best ways to induce new ways of problem-solving
  • English language – for grammar schools, the English exam is very important. It checks the level of comprehension, improves sentence completion, spelling, plus punctuation. Regardless of their ages, knowing the English language and grammar well is crucial
  • Maths – this practice test teaches your child to build up their mathematical ability to the national curriculum stage and ensure admissions in all schools. These levels are very educational and can help children of all ages master the mathematics answers

These 4 types of tests can be taken in any order at any given time, however, once your child starts with a test, they must finish it in one sitting. The reason for this is that they have to get used to the way they’ll take the same test in the classroom where they won’t be able to take any long breaks. It will take approx. 2 hours to solve the entire 11 + mock exam with all its 4 parts of it.

At the end of each level, your child will get a reward for completion and a score with suitable ranking so you and they can see how far they have come and whether they should work on any specific areas or not. This is why we suggest that this testing is done once at the beginning of their 11+ preparations so you’re able to create a study schedule suitable specifically for your child, and then once at the end so you see how far they have come and what needs to be addressed further.

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All in all, there is no doubt that the 11 plus practice exams will help children of ages 11+. These tests shouldn’t be taken lightly and each student has to prepare fully before they answer. Being able to practice the same format of answers, getting familiar with the set of English, Maths and verbal questions, plus the time management practice are all educational assets that will place your child in a favorable position ahead of their peers this year. Please do not hesitate to get more answers from us via phone or email if you need any additional info regarding the 11 plus mock test and practice resources.

The Best Individual Learning Plan and App Access

The preparation for the 11 plus exams needs careful consideration to ensure you help your child understand all the answers forEnglish, science and other exams they will be undertaking. Plus, regardless of ages, whether looking for grammar school admissions or not, every school entrance test differs. It is why it’s important that parents/carers to get info on what is expected for the 11 Plus exam. At the 11 Plus Hub, we publish custom lessons on a weekly basis containing all the educational info needed to study and practice for the 11 Plus. Alongside this practice test, there are educational video tutorials covering a variety of subjects allowing the children to pick and chose the best elements relevant for their practice.


Each subject has its own educational practice section

The site has been split into topic areas including English, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning, Maths and Science. Each category allows students to practice at their own pace before they answer at the end. Each question is time based, plus the test will move automatically onto the next question even if a student has not given an answer; meaning students get the preparation for the ability to time themselves from early ages. This is helpful for their further admissions too, as each school has a similar method of testing their knowledge.

Progress reporting and personal feedback

We ensure students are regularly updated with info on their educational progress in English and the rest of the subjects, which is the best motivational tool for students of any ages for their further school admissions. With our educational tools, we hope to aid them in the understanding of homework, completed in a SMART way. This device tracks their development, giving them benchmarks to rank against other students, and against others taking the same English and other tests, bringing their learning to life and their educational achievements into context.

With children of all ages, it is important to get feedback

For educational purposes, we supply the best ongoing 11 plus practice assessment feedback reports and other relevant info for both parents and students. A constructive feedback is able to get the best out of each child. Feedback communicates the child’s educational progress and understanding while helping them to identify their best strengths and weaknesses while they answerin English, verbal reasoning, science plus the rest. It is also the best way for parents to target specific areas of weakness during their 11 plus practice. Plus, all the progress feedback is readily available within the hub using the ‘Assessment Feedback’ button at any time throughout the process.

The personal feedback really helps in the preparation for their admissions

It allows you to see your child’s answers updated in peer group ranking, standard deviation format, plus there is an analysis of their confidence level – which is an excellent info of pupil knowledge in science, English and other areas, so a great addition to the feedback reports. In the future, regardless of the ages, this can help your child tremendously with their confidence in further admissions. 

In short, everything we provide is consistent

The info is consistent with what your child needs to perform to the very best of their abilities using our online eleven plus exams software, ensuring their goals are met, plus this preparation gives them the confidence to go and give the 11 plus answers their very best and ace their admissions.