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11 Plus Tuition in Colchester

    • 11 Plus tuition tailored to your child’s individual needs.
    • Expert Eleven Plus tuition from inspiring 11+ tutors.
    • C.E.M 11+ Preparation
    • C.S.S.E 11+ Exam Preparation
    • Summer Academy Program
    • Vibrant and positive learning that children enjoy.
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11 Plus Tutors Colchester– Why Choose us?

When finding and 11 plus tutor in Colchester, our team consists of highly adept, experienced teachers from a plethora of specialist areas. We take pride in creating environments that encourage the students in their excelling within the set range of subjects and skills that the 11 plus exams demand.

We provide programs that include exam preparation workshops and revision plans that are based upon extensively researched methods. Throughout our tutorship programs,there are continual assessments upon progression. This way the tuition sessions can adapt and change as your child progresses and improves.


A Tutoring Partnership Between Parent And Tutor

The 11 plus tutors in Colchester believe in a robust partnership between parent and tutor. Throughout their working with each child that they can continually consult and discuss progression and requirements that adapt and change as the tutoring continues. Also, this is creating trust between the tutor, the student and the parent. By doing so, we are able to update them on any progress or drawback their child may be experiencing during the tuition. Solid communication also includes tips and advice from our side to the parents. It’s how we recommend them with ways to enhance their child’s progress and potential in the future. This also helps to overcome any obstacles that exist.


Looking for an 11 plus tutor? Experienced Tutors Only

You can put your mind at ease with us. Our trusted team of experienced professional 11 plus tutors in Colchester have been individually screened and vetted to meet our very high-quality standards and levels of expectations. Many of them have worked with us for a long time. Furthermore, when we hire, we only accept new tutors of the highest caliber from the applicants. Our expert tutors come with experience from many different background subjects and specialties. This is why we will always have the perfect tutor to suit your child’s particular needs. The one thing that unites all of our professional tutors – they all have a desire to see your child succeed.


Our Team Of Tutors Provide Specialist Programs

The 11 plus tuition team in Colchester have been overwhelmed with interest in their bespoke learning services. Those include 1-on-1 Tuition, mock CSSE, and CEM 11 exam sessions and a creative writing club. The creative writing club is specifically designed for promising creative writers.


Our Group Tuition Address in Colchester

Colchester Institute
Sheepen Rd