Brentwood tutors see rise in demand for 11-plus help

Our Brentwood Tutors

The 11-plus examination is one that sometimes gives children (and parents) large amounts of stress. Recently, there has been a rise in the number of parents requesting Brentwood tutors to help their children with preparation for this all- important examination, taking their child’s education very seriously, and opting for extra assistance, particularly when it comes to taking an exam in proper conditions.

Personalised study plans focus on each individual child’s abilities

Whilst teachers have a class of 20 or more students to teach, the small more focused services provided by 11 Plus Essex are able to create a personalised structure of learning to get children in the Brentwood area up to speed with exam protocol. In addition to this they provide learning methods that suit each specific child the best, and they examine their individual strengths and weaknesses in the curriculum so they can focus on improving those areas. This gives the Brentwood tutors the opportunity to maximize children’s potential, and ensure they get the best run at the 11 plus that they can.


Who are 11- Plus Essex, and how do their Brentwood tutors work?

11 Plus tutors in Brentwood is made up of teachers, highly experienced and qualified in working with children who are more able than average.  They understand that every child is unique and this is why the Brentwood tutors only come up with a tailored plan after thorough assessment of a child’s progress to date, using the information gained to get a full picture of how to ensure each and every child works to the best of their abilities.


Communication is key

When it comes to working with parents in Brentwood, 11 Plus Essex understand that progress and regular communication is vital in ensuring the success of a child’s study plan, and this is why they offer a full range of facts pertaining to success rate and achievements thus far, to ensure parents are putting their money in the Brentwood tutors that will give the best results.  When a child starts a course with 11 plus Essex, the tutors will discuss with that parent every step of  the way, detailing every requirement to ensure the course is followed to the letter, which is why the success rates for 11 Plus Essex are so high.


It’s no wonder that the 11 Plus Essex Brentwood tutors are receiving more enquiries from the area than ever before, as they forge links with families in the area to help more Brentwood children fly through the 11 Plus exam with ease.