The Rise of 11 plus Tutors uptake in the town of Billericay

At 11 Plus Tutors in Essex we’ve seen an unprecedented rise in the number of pupils within the Billericay region. This trend is one that has been widely reflected country wide, with a purported 24% of pupils benefiting from private tuition in the past 12 months (The Telegraph, 2013).

However private tuition, particularly for the 11 Plus exams, has seen recent media attention that is sometimes less than complimentary. However the reasons behind such attention contradict the ways in which we as a company and collection of tutoring professionals approach our services, and here we explain why such negative press is anything but warranted.


11 Plus Tutors in Billericay: Who we are and what we help pupils achieve

Many rightly considered the 11 Plus exams to be a pivotal moment within a child’s educational carer. However despite the importance and the implications of your child’s 11 Plus exams the one thing that they should not be is daunting. We hold engagement and bespoke study plans as uncompromising values and we ensure that ‘pressure’ and all that goes along with it are firmly non-existent.


Billericay 11 plus Tutors: Tailoring tutoring styles for engagement and positive outcomes

The rise of tutorship use coupled with our unique approach to tutoring are the two elements that have led to an increase in demand for 11 Plus Tutors in Essex within the Billericay area. Here we explain, in three points, what it is that has defined us from the competition.


  1. The importance of communication

We recognise that communication with you as parents is vital in the progression of your child’s learning. This is why we regularly update you on your child’s successes and milestones and provide tangible information as to what our services have achieved, week on week.


  1. A truly tailored plan that boosts abilities

We take the time to truly understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses. We learn about their preferences to differing tutoring techniques and we adapt from week to week to the ways in which your child responds to material.


  1. We provide a complete course: from academic knowledge to practical confidence boosting exam tips

The 11 Plus exams are about more than mere knowledge. They are about not only being prepared academically, but being prepared mentally. For this reason we dispel nerves and boost your child’s confidence through essential advice that is, as with all our tutoring, tailored to your child’s concerns.


Let’s talk about your child’s progression

We believe that it is our approach, talented tutors and steadfast dedication to tutoring that is engaging and effective that has seen us become an in-demand service for pupils within the Billericay area. If you think that we could help your child achieve all that they are capable of talk to us today; and if you still have questions, queries or uncertainties as to whether tutoring is the right path for your child, our qualified tutors will provide all the information that you need.