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What is creative writing?

Creative writing is the art of writing in a manner that attracts an audience and creates some sort of relationship with readers. However, it isn’t the same as academic or technical writing. It is writing that is original and self-expressing, yet certain guidelines should be followed in order to create a piece that will create an interest in those reading it. Please note that this is also referred to as continuous writing in the exam.

The first step towards creative writing is imagination. Whether you’re expressing a feeling or your thought, imagination comes first. A news article, for instance, cannot be categorized as creative writing because it is there to solely present the facts, rather than evoking feelings in the reader or expressing personal thoughts or emotions of the writer. While both can be entertaining, a news article is solely an informational piece, rather than a creative one. Here are some examples of what creative writing is:

  • Poetry
  • Plays, movies, and television scripts
  • Fiction (novels, novellas, and short stories)
  • Songs
  • Speeches
  • Memoirs
  • Personal essays

On the other hand, not all creatively written texts are fiction writings. In the list above you can see some of them being nonfiction types of writing such as memoirs and personal essays. These can be categorized here as well because they allow the writer to write in the first person. That technique gives the writers the chance to write about their lives in a very expressive way and they get an opportunity to be creative and exciting with their piece of writing.

The reason why we are organizing an independent school writing course is that creative writing takes certain knowledge. It is one thing to have talent and be able to express yourself and tell stories, but it’s another thing to write creatively with the right amount of knowledge and education to back them up. The 11 plus creative writing course is the easiest way to learn about all the techniques in order to successfully write in a manner that creates loyal, returning readers that will want to read more of your work.

11 Plus (CSSE/CCHS) and Independent School Entrance Exam Creative writing techniques

As we said before, one of the things that lie as a benefit to attending an independent school writing course is the possibility to learn the 12 techniques that are key to making anyone a successful creative writer. Wondering what they are? Here’s a list of the most common creative writing techniques that will add life to the work:

  • Character development
  • Plot development
  • Vivid setting
  • Point of view
  • Underlying theme
  • Dialogue
  • Anecdotes
  • Similes and metaphors
  • Heavy description
  • Emotional appeal
  • Figures of speech
  • Imaginative language

You see, the 11 plus creative writing course won’t just teach your child the basics and give them theory only. We have created this grammar and independent school writing course to give our students some insight into the real creative writing. Sharing tips and tricks about continuous writing to excel amongst their peers and find inspiration in real life rather than being stuck and abandoning their passion and talents altogether.

Below you can find the full schedule and more information on our 11 plus creative writing course in Chelmsford.

Session Dates/Times:

3 days – 10/04/2024 – 12/04/2024

3 days –  29/05/2024 – 31/05/2024

3 days – 21/08/2024 – 23/08/2024

10:00 – 15:00

Cost £349

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Session Structure

Day 1
 10:00 Writing Basics
sentence structure
literary techniques
Advanced punctuation
 15:00 Assignment
Day 2:
 10:00 Environments and People
Describing environments
Describing People
Assignment 1
 15:00 Assignment 2
Day 3
 10:00 Non Fiction
Writing Instructions
Balanced Arguments
 15:00 Assignment

Children will be expected to bring stationary, food and drink.

  • 3 sharp pencils
  • 2 rulers
  • 2 rubbers
  • 2 sharpeners

How our 11+ Creative Writing Courses Can Help?

With more and more children taking an interest in writing, it makes sense that creative writing skills have become something that parents are looking for their children to learn. Here at Eleven Plus Tutors we have recognised this need and put together our 11 plus Creating Writing Course to help.

Our 11 Plus Creative Wring Course – Designed for children as an introduction into the world of 11 plus creative writing, our course covers the basic skills that are needed to improve their all round skills and encourage them to put together their own stories at home.

Held over 3 days during the summer holidays, we always aim for the children on the course to not only learn as much as possible, but also to have fun whilst they do it. Each day will run from 10am to 3pm and are split down into different learning objects, with an assignment at the end of each day.

11 Plus Extended Writing Course- Day 1- Writing Basics

Covers everything that a child will need to get themselves started, including sentence structure, literary techniques and advanced punctuation.

11 Plus Creative Writing Course- Day 2- Environments and People

Once the children understand the writing basics it is time to look at how to not only describe environments in a story, but also the many different characters that may also be a part of the story.

11 Plus Extended Writing Course- Day 3- Non-Fiction

Not every part of creative writing is fiction, in fact, it is important that non-fiction writing and the approaches that it requires are also understood. This particular day on the course covers writing instructions, recounts and balanced arguments too.

As you can see, there is so much that we can cover within just 3 days, so, why not book your child on this summer course and see if you can get them on the path to becoming a talented and popular writer in their future?

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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