11+ Subjects

Subjects Covered in 11+ Practice Papers

The Eleven Plus exam is the exam that children need to take and pass, for them to be able to attend state grammar schools.

The subjects that they will contain will vary from year to year, however, they are made up of four different disciplines and depending on where you live you may find that only some of these are included in the exam, or fact, all of them.

These are:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • English
  • Maths

But what are they and what do each of these subjects contain? When considering 11 plus practice papers, let’s take a look in more detail at each of the subjects covered in the 11+ practice papers and the real papers.

Verbal Reasoning

The idea of verbal reasoning is that it is a test that covers skill and potential, rather than what the child has learnt during their time at school. The test will look at critical thinking and will require the child to use their knowledge to solve a problem. Therefore, it is not something that can be taught to children at school. But it can be prepared for and practised.

There are lots of ways that you can prepare your child for the verbal reasoning part of their 11+, they should read more books and texts, they should play lots of games and complete a variety of puzzles too.

Non-verbal Reasoning

Non-verbal reasoning is when a child will use pictures and diagrams to solve problems. It will rely on the child analysing the visual information that is contained within these diagrams and then using this information to solve problems.

The type of thing that can help a child to succeed with non-verbal reasoning is a good understanding of shape and measure, which includes things such as symmetry.


The nature of the English exam is probably quite self-explanatory, but you may not necessarily know what it is going to look like for those children.

You can expect the English exam to contain spelling, punctuation and grammar as well as vocabulary too. The exam will also look at the child’s understanding and comprehension of the use of words, which will include reading texts and then answering questions about them.

It is always advised that a child reads as much as possible for them to be best prepared for their English exams.


The content that features in the 11+ maths exams should all be things that children have learnt at school, which means that they will have the basic knowledge to enable them to work out the answers to the key questions contained within the exams.

The types of topics that they will be required to answer within the maths exam in their 11+ include measurement, ratio, decimals, algebra, shapes and also prime numbers.

These are all things that they can get to grips with if they practice and take their time to learn the basics.

Being prepared for the 11+ exams can help your child to be successful in their attempts and give them the best chance of being able to attend their chosen grammar school to further their education.

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