What is the 11 Plus Exam?

For those who are approaching the 11 plus exam for the first time, it can feel as though there is a somewhat confusing landscape of advice and information that surrounds the exams; this isn’t just applicable to the student either, with many parents finding conflicting information and guidance as to how to approach the exams […]

The Different Types of Learner and The 11 Plus Exam

In the run-up to the 11 Plus exams, parents understandably want their child to be as prepared as possible; however, one area that is frequently overlooked is learning styles. This, however, should serve as something that ultimately underpins every revision session and each practice test that your child sits. If you’re new to the varying […]

Improving your Child’s Memory – The 11 Plus Exam

If your child is quickly approaching the 11 Plus exam, then one fundamental skill that you are likely working on is their memory. While many may believe that information retention is a skill that we either have a natural propensity towards or otherwise, an effective memory can be learned and improved through set exercises. Here […]

The 11 Plus and Thinking Skills

At Eleven Plus Tutors Essex, we are firm believers in the power of developing robust thinking skills; in fact, thinking skills lie at the very heart of our tutorship. We do not just train children to regurgitate facts and memorise answers to past papers but look at developing higher-order thinking skills in children. We believe […]