gifted child

Insights and Signs of a Gifted Child- How do you know that you have one?

We obviously all love our children, and we can be incredibly proud of all that they achieve, however beyond this it can be difficult to truly decipher whether your child is genuinely gifted, particularly as you’re undoubtedly biased as to their abilities and skillsets. And whilst schools are able to officially identify such children through means including screening tests, IQ tests, […]

The National Curriculum: A Parent’s Guide to upcoming changes

        Any mention to changes within the National Curricular and parents are rightly concerned, particularly those parents who may have already experienced the National Curriculum, first hand through the eldest of their children. However such concerns tend to swirl around one central point: a lack of understanding and information. To this end […]

CSSE Exam Creative Writing Tips

CSSE Exam Creative Writing Tips   The CSSE Exam: 9 must know creative writing tips Children can all too often feel overwhelmed by elements of the 11+ exams, with their parents frequently equally as intimidated. With this in mind we’ve put together an easy to understand and implement list of tips for those preparing for […]

verbal reasoning

The 11+ Exam and Verbal Reasoning

11 + Exam: Verbal Reasoning 11+ exam revision, preparation and testing involves a plethora of practice papers, with verbal reasoning making for an almost universally employed paper. This may, in no small part, be due to verbal reasoning testing a child’s potential, as well as their current abilities. The Structure of the Verbal Reasoning Paper […]

gender differences and learning

The Difference in Learning by Gender and One to One

Educators have long been aware of the difference in learning styles, especially when dealing in one to one tuition. Our children are our most precious commodities. Ensuring that they have a road to their future paved with all the tools for success they need is always of the upmost importance. Obviously, focusing on their education […]

Growth Mindset – 11 Plus Tutors Cultivating positive growth

How it is that old saying goes? ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again’. Have you used it? How often did you hear it as a child? Would you believe that behind such a statement lies an interesting perspective, they’re not just a string of words, in fact the effect those words […]

what is the 11 plus exam

What is the 11 Plus Exam?

For those who are approaching the 11 plus exam for the first time it can feel as though there is a rather confusing landscape of advice and information that surrounds the exams; this isn’t just applicable to the student either, with many parents finding conflicting information and guidance as to how to approach the exams […]

different types of learner

The Different Types of Learner and The 11 Plus Exam

On the run up to the 11 Plus exams parents understandably want their child to be as prepared as is possible; however, one area which is frequently overlooked is that of learning styles. This however should actually serve as something that completely underpins every revision session and each practice test that you child sits. If […]

Improving your Child’s Memory – The 11 Plus Exam

If your child is quickly approaching the taking of the 11 Plus exam then one fundamental skill that you are likely working on is their memory. Whilst many may believe that information retention is a skill that we either have a natural propensity towards or otherwise, in actual fact an effective memory is something that […]

thinking skills and 11 plus

The 11 Plus and Thinking Skills

At Eleven Plus Tutors Essex we are firm believers in the power of developing robust thinking skills; in fact, thinking skills lie at the very heart of our tutorship. We do not just train children to regurgitate facts and memorise answers to past papers, but look at developing higher order thinking skills in children.  We […]