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More Government funding to be placed in Grammar Schools

Whilst we are never one to discount any form of education, it is no secret that in many regions, Grammar Schools are a sought after option for education. Grammar Schools are seen to provide a much higher rate of education than some other schools, and this has meant that there are long waiting lists and exams to be sat in order to gain a place at a Grammar School.


Recently, there has been some great news for the Grammar Schools up and down the UK. The Government have announced that they want to pump as much as £50 million into Grammar Schools in order to ensure that parents have access to a higher level of education for their children.

There are currently 163 Grammar Schools in England and with £50 million up for allocation, this could work out as much as £300,000 each. A sum that could really transform the level of education they provide, as well as the places that are offered up to children who reach the academic standard that is set out by the school.


The plan is for the Grammar Schools within the UK to apply for funding as a part of the scheme and this will give them the chance to receive additional funding. This will in turn open up more places to children, particularly those who are classed as disadvantaged, perhaps those who otherwise may not be able to access the education that Grammar Schools can provide.


Another part of the process will be that the schools have to show that there is a need for extra places in the area that they are located. This will then be considered, along with the opportunities that the funding could provide to children of all backgrounds who live in the area and could benefit from receiving a world-class level of education.


In order to ensure that these schools work hard to achieve their aims and that the money given to them is put to good use, the school will receive sanctions if they do not meet the terms of their action plans. This is thought to be a way to ensure that they work as hard as they can to reach those targets.


We will be interested to see how these plans play out, particularly for the many Grammar Schools spread out throughout the UK. We hope, above everything else, that in putting this in place, Grammar Schools will be able to include more and more children in their intakes. Which, in turn, will ensure that children will have the access to a high level of education that will help them to take those giant steps towards achieving the very best that they can be.