Top tips and tricks for exam revision

Exams are never easy. No matter who you are or how you did in your exams, chances are that you won’t remember exams fondly. Whilst you can’t make them easy to sit, you can make them easier to sit.

But, how do you do this? We have put together some of the top tricks and tips for exam revision.


1 – Always make a revision plan

Now, planning your time may sound like a relatively straightforward tip, however, the truth is that the reason it comes up time and time again is that it works. If you plan out your revision, looking at what you need to do and the time you have, you can make sure that you cover everything you need to cover in a timeframe that will work best for you.


2 – Mix it up a bit

The worst thing you can do during revision is studying the same subject for hours or days. You need to try and mix it up a bit. By changing up your studying, you will give your brain a break and introduce something different.


3 – Try and engage with your subject

We know that not every subject will appeal to you, but if you want to try and make the most of your revision, you will need to try your best to engage with whatever subject you are learning. Get creative, think about ways to remember the basics, use rhymes, phrases, images. Whatever you can do to try and engage with what you need to learn.


4 – Have plenty of papers to go through

Much like many things in life, sometimes revision is simply a case of practice that makes it perfect. This is particularly true if it is an area that you are not sure about. Try to get your hands on as many papers as possible. Whilst it may seem tedious going through them all, it could make a massive difference to your scores.


5 – Rest as much as you can

Sleep is crucial when you are sitting any form of an exam. Whilst it can be tempting to stay up late and cram in your revision, you are much better off trying to get an early night instead. Sleeping not only gives you a chance to rest, but it also allows your brain to make sense of all the things that it has learnt throughout the day.


6 – Make key note cards

revision tips for 11+


Sometimes, the problem with exam revision is that you have far too much information to take in. If you are struggling with the amount, then why not make key note cards? This will help you absorb the main points, which will help you make sense of everything you need.

As you can see, there are plenty of things that you can do to try and engage with a subject that you are learning. Why not try these out for yourself and see if you can make sure that you succeed, no matter what your exam is in?