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11 Plus Tutors Redbridge– Why Choose an 11+ Tutor of ours in Redbridge?

If you’re living in Redbridge and looking for a tutor to guide your child through their Eleven Plus, then welcome. You are in the right place. Our 11 plus tuition in Ilford is the first choice for parents and children in the area. Our highly-developed network of tutors can teach at a highly professional level and has a richness of experience in the real world.

The company’s goal is to help many students reach the highest results at the 11 plus exams. Our 11 Plus tuition covers all areas within the Redbridge area such as Seven Kings, Newbury Park, Ilford and Goodmayes. Every single tutor that works within our network has the same desire in mind. This is why they devote the utmost time and attention to helping children to succeed. The way they do this is by working flexibly with all their students. Also, by utilising a range of modern tutoring methods and, of course, materials, all to ensure the children thrive.

11 Plus Tuition Redbridge: Our approach

We believe that having solid tuition, combined with new, engaging materials, results in high scores every time. This is why the 11 plus tutors are upgrading the traditional tutoring model.
We do this with a fresh approach designed for each of the student’s needs. While tutoring our students, we also evaluate and continually assess their progress to evolve and improve our strategies based on their needs.
The innovative tutoring techniques, which are a part of each tutoring session, have provided us with significant word-of-mouth referrals around the Redbridge area.

A variety of teaching methods

The goal of our team of 11 plus tutors is to inspire their students to do their very best. How do they achieve this? Using a number of tutoring methods, each differently suited to match every child’s needs, make sure they succeed. To make sure that the students can excel and achieve in ways that will boost their education.

A tutoring partnership between parent and tutor

Our 11 plus tuition team believes in a robust partnership between parents and tutor. Throughout their working with each child, they can continually consult and discuss progression and requirements that adapt and change as the tutoring continues. Also, this creates trust between the tutor, the student and the parent. By doing so, we can update them on any progress or drawback their child may be experiencing during the tuition. Solid communication also includes tips and advice from our side to the parents. We recommend ways to enhance their child’s progress and potential in the future. This also helps to overcome any obstacles that exist.

11 plus tuition as one-on-one

The school environment is all about teamwork and learning in large groups. However, this doesn’t yield good results at all times. Sometimes the child needs one on one tuition with a tutor that will teach through a personalised session. This is something that we are proud to offer here at Eleven Plus. Our tutors work with children on a one-to-one basis, which means that they can build up a picture of what the child will need help with and what their strengths are. They will also understand the learning methods and approaches that will help the child make the most of their tutoring time.

The 11 Plus tutoring sessions built around the student

The old tutoring approach doesn’t work anymore. This is why we have developed a new, updated, fresh approach to tuition. Due to the long years of experience, our tutors know what the new generations need. First and foremost, they take the time to understand their student’s concerns and challenges. This allows them to create tested and trusted techniques that will inspire and engage in equal measure.

How can you contact an 11 Plus Tutor in Redbridge?

If you are interested in arranging an assessment or have a few questions about our services, we are here. Our team is always on hand to help. You can contact your 11 plus tutor directly on
020 8058 9631.
Alternatively, you can send a message via our contact page.