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  • C.E.M 11+ Preparation
  • C.S.S.E 11+ Exam Preparation
  • Online Tuition also Available
  • Exciting and positive learning that children enjoy.
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11 Plus Tutors East London– Why Choose an 11+ Tutor of ours in East London?

Choosing us means that you are providing the best tutoring sessions for your child in the area of East London. You see, our initial process starts with an 11 plus tutor undertaking a starting assessment session. We test for above expected performance in English and Maths.
This is an excellent opportunity to get a better understanding of the needs of your child in-depth. By doing so, we are able to devise an individual program to secure the 11 Plus success.

11 Plus Tutors in East London, Essex: The most popular tuition services

We keep the tutoring as a personal experience and tend to create a pleasant environment so at our students can become comfortable with a tutor whom they get to know. This is why e have created a one-on-one tuition delivered by the same tutor, week in, week out. This way your child can connect to the tutor and can look forward to seeing the same face each time.

Experience has taught us what the right way to gain trust in the community and deliver the best results is. It also helps our professionals in truly understanding your child – their learning needs, their challenges and their goals.

Furthermore, we are very proud of our outstanding customer service record. You know you are in safe hands with our polite and knowledgeable staff. We take the time to listen and make sure we understand the needs of your child. This way we can assign you one of our most appropriate tutors who will be best suited to your requirements.

This is the reason why we are ahead of our competition. A lot of parents come to us wanting help with various aspects of their child’s education. It can be the boosting of their confidence in a particular subject, or help with the preparation for an entrance exam, or maybe just to catch up with their peers if they have been absent from school. One of our many professional 11 plus tutors will advise you should you need our help or have any questions.

We Offer a Summer 11 Plus Tuition Program

If you and your child are finding it difficult to manage school and work together with the tuition, then we have a solution. We have developed our extensive summer program where our tutors cover a wide range of different courses during summer weeks. All of these are designed to be fun, as well as help the children to grow their knowledge. So you and your child no longer have to sacrifice other activities and free time.

Excelling Students Support

Tutoring isn’t only about aiding in the progress of the child. Sometimes it is about supporting their wide base of knowledge in which they are excelling from their peers at school. Especially, if your child is showing signs of being particularly proficient in any area of their studies. We can boost this and give them the right space to grow. Something that regular schools cannot offer.

A constant and reliable parent – tutor communication

The 11 plus tutor in East London team believes in a robust partnership between parent and tutor. It is throughout their working with each child that they can continually consult and discuss progression and requirements that adapt and change as the tutoring continues.
Also, this is creating trust between the tutor, the student and the parent.

By doing so, we are able to update them on any progress or drawback their child may be experiencing during the tuition. Solid communication also includes tips and advice from our side to the parents. It’s how we recommend them with ways to enhance their child’s progress and potential in the future. This also helps to overcome any obstacles that exist.

Let’s talk about your child’s success

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