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  • Expert Eleven Plus tuition from expert 11+ tutors.
  • GL and CCHS (FSCE) 11+ Preparation
  • C.S.S.E 11+ Exam Preparation
  • Online Tuition also Available
  • Exciting and positive learning that children enjoy.
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11 Plus Tutors Woodford – Why Choose One of Our 11+ Tutors in South Woodford?

To create a successful tutoring session that will yield success, tutors must get to know their students as individuals first. At The 11 Plus Tutors in Woodford, we do just that – getting familiar with your child’s learning habits, what gets a hold of their attention, and then crafting a learning plan designed to help them to gain confidence, enthusiasm and new skills.
Our process starts with an 11 plus tutor in Woodford undertaking an initial assessment session. We test for the above-expected performance in English and Maths. This is also an opportunity to understand the needs of your child in-depth in talking to the parents. From this, we can devise an individual program to secure 11 Plus tuition success.

Extensive range of tuition options to choose from

At 11 Plus Tutors in Woodford, we are focused on having a richly differentiated set of services when it comes to tuitions. This way, we can eradicate any weaknesses that exist and reinforce your child’s strengths while building and boosting their self-confidence.

A wide range of tuition services organised and tailored to each child’s individual needs:
– Our particularly in-demand writing club, where creative writers are crafted,
– Our mock CSSE exams, which prepare children for the real-world exams that they’ll soon be challenged with,
– Summer tuition programs, and many more.

The very best materials and methods

When speaking further of our approach, the carefully selected methods our 11 plus tutors use are completed by the latest, most advanced materials that make the entire learning process easier and more fun. We understand that the utilisation of interactive and modern approaches suited to our students’ needs creates the interest in your child to take part and overcome any learning obstacles they have been experiencing.

One-on-one tutoring sessions

Talking about different teaching methods, we also offer the one-on-one technique where your child has the chance to be taught by the same tutor every time. This means that the tutor will be able to get to know your child and their learning style better, enabling them to craft a personalised learning approach. And the customised learning approach at this stage is crucial.

Furthermore, by having the same tutor each tutoring session, your child will be able to feel more comfortable and have better self-confidence in showing what they know and at they’re truly capable of.

State of the art customer service

Excellent tuition services are not the only thing we specialise in. Namely, to know your child is in safe hands, we have developed outstanding customer service with our polite and knowledgeable staff of the Eleven Plus Tutors in Woodford. We take the time to listen and make sure we understand the needs of your child. This way, we can assign you one of our most appropriate tutors who will be best suited to your requirements.

A lot of parents come to us wanting help with various aspects of their child’s education. Whether that is boosting their confidence in a particular subject, helping with entrance exam preparation, or just catching up with a specific material after they’ve missed school for some time. One of our friendly 11 plus tutors in Woodford will advise you should you need our help.

Is this what you’re after? Let’s talk about what our team of professional tutors can offer you then. Contact us today on 01206 214109 and arrange a personal visit for a one-on-one assessment of your child’s needs. Alternatively, you can call to ask any questions or raise any queries or concerns that you may have.