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11 Plus Tutors Wanstead– Why Choose an 11+ Tutor from Us in Wanstead?

Facing an 11-plus exam is daunting for any child, no matter their ability or background. However, the good news is that there are things that you can do to make sure that they have the best chance possible. This is where 11 Plus Tutors Wanstead can help.

We have a network of tutors who are ready and waiting to help students to pass their 11-plus exams. They are highly professional, experienced and knowledgeable, which means that they are the best place to guide students through the somewhat tricky times of sitting their 11-plus exams.

We work with parents and children throughout the Wanstead area, giving them support when they need it most; and giving them the best chance possible to achieve great things in their futures and their educations.

11 Plus Tuition Wanstead: Our approach

Here at 11 Plus Tutors, we are dedicated to helping children to succeed with their exams. In order to do this, we utilise the best methods and materials to help children to learn. We take the time to learn more about each child and how they are going to learn. Then, once we have this information, we can use it to tailor their learning to best meet their needs.

Not only do we do this at the beginning of their time working with us, but our tutors continue to assess and review how the child that they are teaching is progressing and whether or not the methods that are being used are working.

This means that they can change things for the future and ensure that children can move on with their learning and their education.

Our Range of teaching methods

We know that in order to give children the best chance to learn, we need to have a variety of methods, approaches and tools to utilise. By doing this, the children that we work with are going to achieve the very best in their 11-plus exams and, ultimately, their futures too.

A tutoring partnership between parent and tutor

As well as working with the children that we are tutoring, we also know how important it is to work with the parents who have chosen us too. We will take the time to speak to the parents and learn more about their children and what their hopes are for the future.

The parents will be advised on which approaches the tutor thinks it is going to work best for the child and showcase the materials and methods that will be used to deliver this learning to them. The tutor will then regularly update and check in with the parents to discuss the learning journey that the child is on and how they are progressing.

Working with the parents and the children is the best way to ensure that the child’s goals are met and that they receive the very best chance in their education.

11 plus tuition as one-on-one

It is great to learn in groups, and being cooperative is a key part of being in a school. However, it is not always the best way to learn. When it comes to sitting 11 plus exams, having the chance to learn on a one-to-one basis is going to give you the best opportunity possible to succeed.

Have a child who is sitting their 11 plus exams? Want to give them everything that they need to get one step closer to where they need to be? Get in touch with 11 Plus Tutors Wanstead and find out more about how our network of tutors can provide the support that they need.


How can you contact an 11 Plus Tutor in Wanstead?

If you are interested in arranging an assessment or have a few questions about our services, we are here. Our team is always on hand to help. You can contact your 11 plus tutor directly on
020 8058 9631.
Alternatively, you can send a message via our contact page.