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11 Plus Tutor Dartford – Why Choose One The 11 Plus Tutors in Dartford?

We, at Eleven Plus Tutoring in Dartford, are here to do everything we can to teach and help our students advance at school. This is why our tutor team is parents’ first choice when it comes to tutoring children in Dartford.

We have professionals with real-world school experience at our side.

Looking for a Dartford tutor and a reliable tuition centre – each tutor will take special care in getting to know each student’s needs and focus on working on their weaknesses while creating an environment that motivates them to excel within the set range of subjects needed for successful completion of the 11 plus exams at school. Whether it is grammar, mathematics, English language, or simply to read extensively on a given subject, your tutor can cover that.  

We are known for tailoring tutoring sessions to fit your child’s needs. By making them feel their best, students can focus on improving their knowledge and showing what they truly know when with a tutor at our tuition centre. 

Our Top-notch tutoring programs in Dartford

Prior to implementation, we have done extensive research on the best tuition programs and methods to use for our students at our tuition centre. Our exam preparation workshops and revision plans are carefully crafted by each tutor to match those in demand by the 11 plus school exams but also to teach your child useful skills that they can use further in life out of school. 

By revising our programs year-to-year, we make sure our tutoring adapts to the newest methods implemented by each tuition centre and relevant information as in any school. Whether it is English language and grammar, maths, or simply to read extensively on a given subject, your tutor can cover that. Also, on a student level, each tutor will adjust the tuition programs to follow their progress and teach based on their improvement. If our tutors see some students show potential in some area, they will give him or her more advanced and extra tuition materials to boost their talents and knowledge further in school.

One-on-one 11 plus summer tuition in Dartford

Based on our experience, one to one tuition is one of the best ways to yield success when it comes to comprehending the subject in depth. While each school has proper, reliable teaching methods, teamwork and group study does not work for each child the same. 

The teachers also can’t always devote time to each and every student that might have difficulty understanding the matter as a tutor can. This is when our one-on-one summer tuition programs in our tuition centre come to light. Your assigned tutor has the time and chance to meet your child and genuinely understand their pain points and strengths. This way, the tutor can craft a program and teach based on the needs of their students–something study groups and a school cannot do. Whether it is English language and grammar, maths, or simply to read extensively on a given subject, your tutor will cover that. They can also give them extra tuition tasks so students can advance their skills and knowledge.

11 Plus Tuition Summer Program

Sometimes over the school year, your child can be overwhelmed by all the subjects that he or she needs to study for, plus all the out-of-school activities like sports or languages can put a burden on your child’s ability to keep track of everything. This isn’t to say that all that extracurricular activity is bad. It merely means that a summer tuition program will be exceptionally favorable for your child.

Our extensive program in our tuition centre is carefully planned by each tutor to teach different courses in depth throughout the summer months. Do not worry, our tutors in Dartford understand that it is summer, and the students need a break from the usual school environment. This is why they plan the grammar, English, maths, or read sessions to be interesting to grab their attention and grow their knowledge interactively and engagingly.

Continual parent-tutor communication

Apart from focusing on developing a connection to their students, our tutors understand that having a solid tuition partnership between themselves and the parents helps the child succeed even more. 

You are included in every step of the way. Your child’s tutor is available for consultations to discuss progression and requirements that change as your child attends the tuition program. Any drawbacks that might happen, you can rest assured that you will be informed promptly by the tutor so you can also work with them and overcome all obstacles. Your child’s tutor can recommend what to work on at home and give extra tuition materials so your child can enhance their success in school even further. Whether it is English language and grammar, maths, or simply to read extensively on a given subject, your tutor can cover all needed topics.

Why our 11 plus tutors of Dartford?

We put great care into choosing tutors when they become part of our trusted tutoring team. We work with experienced professionals only so that you can put your mind at ease with our extra tuition centre. Each tutor has a real-life experience and extensive tuition skills apart from their teaching experience. So, they will always know how to approach students and learn about their habits, but also their knowledge in English language and grammar, maths, and strong and weak points to craft an extra tuition program based on becoming better. The one thing that unites all our tutors in Dartford is the focus and desire to see your child advancing.

A broad range of tuition options

Now that you know more about our tuition centre and the tutors and how they create their programs around all of their students let’s talk about the considerable scope of extra tuition options you can choose from at our tuition centre. All these are based on the latest teaching methods and materials and are intended to eliminate any gaps that may exist in your child’s knowledge. 

English language and grammar, maths, or to read and learn further on a given subject, your tutor can cover that. Also, some are designed to give your child extra tuition tasks if they show talent and interest in a specific subject. This way, they will be able to advance further than their peers and boost their self-confidence in their skills and abilities.

  • We help creative writers advance with our notably in-demand writing club
  • One-on-one tuition programs where students get individual attention based on their weaknesses and strong points
  • Summer tuition programs at our tuition centre
  • Mock CSSE exams that prepare students for real CSSE exams at school

If you’re ready to see your child advance at school, gaining valuable knowledge, call us today or send the team a message. We can help you choose a suitable program or extra tuition class and a tutor in Dartford that will guide you through the whole process.