Egbikuadje Fidelia- Dagenham

“I decided on private one-to-one tuition because my daughter’s tuition centre had lots of children. Thus, the children were not getting enough attention. Also, her confidence was low because the Head at the tuition center had told me that she was at the borderline, which was demotivating. Mr James Goldsmith changed all this with his constant encouragement, hard work and most importantly confidence building. He quickly identified her weakness and worked with her on it. His technique was easy to understand and he understood what was required to pass the 11+. He is very professional and gave useful feedback after every lesson and homework to check her understanding of the lesson. I made the best decision when I chose him as my daughter’s tutor, as she excelled beyond my expectation in her CSSE exams and the Chelmsford County High School for Girls- CEM exam. I am so grateful to James and would recommend him anywhere, anyway!”