How To Become one of our 11 Plus Tutors?

Ever wondered how to become an 11 Plus Tutor: What you need to know

If you have a genuine passion for working with younger students, then becoming a dedicated Eleven Plus tutor can be a distinctly rewarding experience.

What are the 11 Plus Exams?

The 11 Plus exams are a collection of exams used by grammar schools to test children’s capabilities and their potential as a candidate for grammar school. These exams take place at the end of primary school, although preparing for the exams may begin as early as Year 5.

The 11 Plus tuition market

There is a growing demand for 11 Plus tuition in the UK, not least due to the increasingly under pressure main stream schools and the relative bad press that they receive as compared to grammar schools, which are seen as decidedly preferable.

In fact, so great is the interest in grammar schools that research consistently suggests that tuition is most popularly sought by parents for those aged 11 and 15 respectively (The Sutton Trust in 2011).

What qualifications are required for becoming an 11 Plus tutor?

At the moment there are no official requirements for private tutors within the UK. In effect, this then means that anyone could tutor and/or establish a tutoring business. However, at 11 Plus Tutors Essex, we strive for excellence, and so each of our tutors will be trained to degree level or, in the very least, will be an undergraduate.

You may also wish to consider becoming part of our team upon a part-time basis, which can work well alongside your main teaching career.

What resources do our 11 Plus Essex Tutors need?

As part of our team you’ll need to have extensive resources to engage your students with. This includes practice papers, and other materials that may flex and fit to meet the learning style of your students.

You may also want to head on over to The Bond 11 Plus website, which provides plenty of information as to how students and parents alike can best prepare for the 11 Plus exams.

How to gain your DBS check to become an 11 plus tutor

Whilst not a legal requirement a DBS certificate is generally expected by the parents of our students. You can gain a DBS check from various third parties, such as your employer, an agency or another associated umbrella body.

Another area of research may be that of liability insurance, as this will protect you and your students and their properties.

So, are you ready to become an 11 plus tutor?

If we have the job opportunity and you have the skills and the passion, then apply today for one of our positions. We truly value each and every one of our tutors, and as a growing, forward thinking company we promise to provide the healthy working environment and promising future that many seek within a teaching landscape that has recently been anything but.


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How To Become one of our 11 Plus Tutors?
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