Helping Children Succeed: 11 Plus Tuition in Ilford

The 11 Plus exam is crucial for children who are pursuing a spot at grammar school, and it is something well worth pursuing. Grammar schools are widely recognised for their high academic standards, and consistently outperform regular state schools when it comes to exam results. However, there are fewer grammar schools than there once were but more students, meaning places are limited and competition is fierce. Our 11 Plus tutors in Ilford are helping local children have the best chance of success in their exam and the best chance of securing a place.

Expert Tuition From 11 Plus Tutors Essex

As one of the Ilford area’s leading providers of specialist tuition, 11 Plus Tutors Essex have helped many young people to achieve the kind of results that grammar schools demand. Our professional tutors provide a comprehensive and highly personalised support package to young people preparing to take their exams.

As a leading 11 plus tuition centre in Ilford, we provide only experienced tutors who will continually tweak their learning strategy as your child progresses and as their needs change. Working with your child in the familiar surroundings of your home, they will offer:

  • Engaging learning strategies customised for your child’s unique needs.
  • Varied, up-to-the-minute resources designed to support effective learning.
  • Continuous assessment of your child’s progress, and regular updates for parents.
  • Detailed knowledge of the details and demands of the 11 Plus exam.

The 11 Plus is scary for a lot of students, but a professional tutor can provide be an effective and encouraging way to help them prepare both mentally and emotionally.

High-Quality Tutoring From Trained Professionals

For children who are hoping to secure a coveted place in grammar school, it is important that they do their very best on the 11 Plus. That is why 11 Plus Tutors Essex only hire quality tutors who we know have the skill and experience to guide young people towards success.

All of our tutors are fully-trained and qualified teachers, experienced in helping children to learn inside the classroom as well as outside of it. As well as teaching talent, our tutors are committed to providing for the unique needs of each student, as well as offering the best standards of customer service to parents.

A Complete Package

The job of a good tutor goes beyond helping students cram for their exams and stuffing their heads with knowledge. Our tutors offer children a complete support package which includes more than just study.

Even if children have all the knowledge they need at their fingertips, the 11 Plus can be very daunting and nerves could be their undoing. Our tutors will help make sure they know what to expect, and provide encouraging, sensitive emotional support to help them go in confident.

Beyond the exam, our 11 Plus tutors in Ilford can also help young people prepare for grammar school interviews. This is the next step in obtaining a place, and children must succeed at both steps in order to be successful.

11 Plus Tutors in Ilford

Are you looking for a reliable, professional 11 Plus tutor in Ilford to help your child get ready for their exam? Or are you still weighing up your options, and looking for a no-obligation chat about how a tutor could help lay the groundwork for your child’s success? Either way, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with 11 Plus Tutors Essex to find out more.