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11 Plus Tutors Muswell Hill – Why Choose One of Our 11+ Tutors?

In Muswell Hill, you can find our 11 Plus tutors to be a group of devoted professionals, qualified for the job they do – passing on knowledge through their experience in a wide range of academic subjects. We have specifically covered everything that your child takes an interest in. Additionally, they have extensive experience of 11 plus tutoring with the knowledge of all types of Grammar and Independent school exams and the demands of the 11 Plus range of exams in general.

The best educational approach for your child

Our 11+tutors in the Muswell Hill area are accustomed to working alongside children with advanced abilities. They focus their course content upon engaging challenges that encourage your child in achieving all that they are capable of.

Furthermore, rest assured that our programs are always discussed with you before implementation. This way, you are constantly updated on your child’s learning and how they are progressing throughout the 11+ course. Our services in Muswell Hill are customised to your child’s areas of interest and needs for improvement. This includes school entrance exam sessions, to name a few of our tutor services.

Upgraded materials only

We work with a great variety of modern materials because the old-style approach doesn’t work for everyone. However, some of the modern ways of tutoring aren’t suitable for all students, so here, our tutors’ experience comes into play in crafting a specific program for your child. Each tutor knows when to use each approach and how to pick the right one to teach.

This being said, at 11+ tutors in Muswell Hill, we understand how important it is for the tutor to have a variety of teaching methods because some may work brilliantly with one particular textbook. In contrast, others need a more visual approach.

The one-on-one programs

Now, we are pleased to offer our tuition service on a one-on-one basis in Muswell Hill. By opting for this program, you get a dedicated tutor assigned to your child. This ensures that the sessions are specifically crafted to your child’s personal needs and, most importantly, held with the same tutor each week. This helps your child to get to know their tutor and build trust in them. It also allows the tutor to get an insight into your child’s strengths and weaknesses. By doing this, they can pinpoint the areas of study that may need some improvement and advise what work can be done to overcome any challenges they face in that area, during the classes, and at home.

Home-tuition programs in Muswell Hill

If you’re looking for something more personalised and tailored to your child’s needs, we offer home tuition services. This personal level of service is valued among parents because the tutor can learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of their child. This way, they know exactly how to help their students to achieve success. Using our services ensures that your child will get the utmost attention and care during each session, whether through the one-on-one sessions or the group tutoring classes.

High-Level group tuition services

Apart from the home tuition services, we offer our 11+ tutoring program through high-level group tuition classes. In these classes, a good student to teacher ratio is maintained so that your child can make the progress that they require. This, along with regular homework, feedback, and assessment, you as a parent can see your child’s improvement. Lessons are lively, challenging, thorough, and enjoyable.

The 11+top-notch strategy

We have taken place as one of the top educational services agencies in Muswell Hill because we always make sure to inform the parents of our students of their progress. Being informed of your child’s progress is very important, so you know what to expect from the exams. We work with you to make sure that you always feel updated on how your child is doing. We also welcome any calls or emails should you want to discuss the progress of your child and how their learning is going.

Get in touch

Don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you are interested in arranging an assessment or have a few questions about our services, we are here. Our team of 11 plus tutors in Muswell Hill is always on hand to help and can be contacted directly on 0208 0589631. Alternatively, you can send us a message via our contact page.