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The CSSE mock exam summer courses at 11 + tutors are now officially open for booking.

Are the upcoming CSSE mock exams concerning you? Is your child worried about not being able to prepare well? Put your worries aside because 98% of our students last year scored 303+ points on the exams.
Give your child the chance to excel in what they know and improve on their knowledge with our upcoming summer courses.

All prices include feedback, the return of the actual papers and performance stats by post. 


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What is the 11 Plus Mock Test Package?

Consisting of either format of paper, the exam package is the key element leading to your child’s success.

As part of the package, within 3 days of completion you will receive full feedback on the results with exact % scored, ranking within the group to measure your child’s success, and weaknesses and areas they need to target more.

Summer Mock Exams

The completely rewritten and original CSSE mock exam papers are waiting on you as part of the package. Created by educational experts working in our team of 11 + tutors, are based on the national curriculum and the most recent student papers in order to produce exams closest to the real CSSE tests. This ensures real-time preparation where we simulate most closely what you can expect of the real exam day.

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Dates for 2019 Mock Exam Sessions:

Venue: location

The Keene Hall
Watchhouse Road
Chelmsford CM2 8PT



Session Structure


Session Structure CSSE Mock Exams
Session Opens – Student Registration
10 mins reading time + 1 hour English Paper CSSE
Break for 15 minutes
1 hour Maths paper CSSE
End of session


What is The 11 Plus CSSE Mock Exam?

The Essex (CSSE) 11+ mock exams are traditional entrance exams tests used by certain schools as a way to test the applicants. The questions these tests have are varied and sometimes challenging which gives children the opportunity to show their skills and be creative. If your child prepares for the CSSE 11+ exams well, they will have consolidated their most important skills and knowledge, and be in a strong position to make a success of their first year at secondary school.


Your child needs to focus on obtaining as much knowledge as possible in the following fields:

  • Proper knowledge of grammar. Children will be asked to identify nouns (and proper nouns), verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and The correct use of punctuation is also required. Your child must be able to use full stops, commas, apostrophes, question marks, andquotation marks properly within the sentence.11+ CSSE Mock Exam school information
  • A vast vocabulary knowledge. The applicant needs to become comfortable when reading words they haven’t seen before, or whose meaning they can’t exactly pin down. A distinctive feature of the CSSE English test is that it often includes a difficult text which may include advanced grammatical structures and old-fashioned vocabulary.
  • Becoming comfortable with different types of Your child needs to be familiar with breaking a question down into its parts. It’s also helpful for them to isolate the relevant information in the passage, interpret the number of marks available, and to write in a clear, well-evidenced way.

Schools with CSSE exams

All the schools who have the CSSE exams have the same selection test chosen as their method of testing. The exception is the Chelmsford County High School for Girls and The King John School which have their own exams. All places are given based on the child’s ability, as defined by their test score.

If your child is taking the 11+ test, there are two forms that need to be completed. The CAF and the Supplementary Information Form which ensuressuccessful registration for the selected test. You can find the second form and complete it online on the CSSE website. Note that if you are applying for a selective and non-selective place at the same school together, then this counts as a single preference on the CAF (Common Application Form), not two preferences.

The Chelmsford County High School is a grammar school that is using a common admissions test on the same date. Along with this high school,the other ones that are using a common admissions test on the same date are Woodford County High School for Girls, Ilford County High School for Boys, the Slough Consortium of Grammar schools, Reading School and Kendrick. The children who take the tests in these schools can take a test only once. If a child is found to have taken the test twice, the raw scores for the first attempt will be used.

Those who wish to attend an exam for another school on the same day will under no circumstance be permitted to do so, or to sit the test at CCHS on an alternative date.


CSSE testing arrangements

Since 2014, the CSSE have changed their testing methods. They created their papers in line with KS2 Level 5 in English and Mathematics. The verbal reasoning paper is no longer present. However, this part is now included as an element of verbal reasoning in the English paper.

There are two papers the English and Mathematics for which the children will have 60 minutes to complete, and each is 60 marks worth.

The English paper comprises of:

  • Applied reasoning (literacy/verbal)
  • Two pieces of creative writing
  • Comprehension, grammar and vocabulary questions


The Mathematics paper comprises of:

  • Applied reasoning (maths/non-verbal reasoning)
  • Questions consistent with KS2 National Curriculum


11 + Exam Sessions

Students who will write the CSSE 11+ exams and want to make sure they pass the exams successfully should consider 11 + tutoring sessions.

The sessions we offer are 4 in each location and every one of those differs, which gives our students an excellent opportunity to practice the test up to 4 times. Of course, there are the English test and the Mathematics exam which are CSSE-style papers that we separate by a short break in order to help children focus better.


The CSSE Exam Agenda

We have structured our tutoring sessions in order to match the environment of the CSSE 11+ exam day as closely as possible. The exam session always begins with the English exam which is in a CSSE-style. Then, we have a short break during which students can go to the toilet and relax before continuing with the CSSE-style 11+ Mathematics exam.

We hold the exams under formal conditions and children have 1 hour to complete each one. The tutors are circulating the room during the exam period. Additionally, they call out the time periodically in order to help the children manage their time accordingly. The environment that we set up is similar to the one your child will experience during the official CSSE tests.


The Feedback

After several days of taking the exam,we will provide you with a paper with your child’s results. This will include a breakdown of scores for individual areas of each CSSE test taken. Also, you will receive the results that other students have achieved who wrote the same papers. These will be in anonymous form and only as your reference. With them you can see how your child ranks within the group and what it takes to move up the table.