Why Choose the 11+ Tuition Centre in Ilford?

When it comes to your child sitting the 11 Plus Exam it is important to give them the best chance of success. Though help at home and time spent helping your child to learn is great, nothing can beat the assistance of tutors whose expertise lies with the 11 Plus Exam.


For many, a grammar school is a window of opportunity, a way to provide a child with fantastic teachers and a world of learning resources –  but getting there is a competition. Securing a place at a grammar school is competitive and only those that achieve the very best results will be offered a place. However, with the help of the 11 Plus Tuition Centre in Ilford your child will be provided with everything they need to succeed.


Professional and Experienced 11 Plus Exam Tuition

At any age an exam can be daunting. Whether you are facing your driving test or are completing a course at work, sitting down under pressure can be stressful; this is only heightened for the children who sit the 11 Plus Exam. That is why at the 11 Plus Tuition Centre in Ilford we tailor all our support to meet the needs of the individual children.


Exam preparation is important but it must also be done in a way that encourages the child to try hard without deterring them from exams, revision and learning. After all, they have an entire secondary school education ahead of them. So, we help children to reach their full potential in a relaxed and friendly environment. Though we encourage them to try hard, push them to succeed and see that they reach their full potential we do so without causing stress, worry or pressure. All tutors and staff at the 11 Plus Tuition Centre in Ilford are dedicated to:


  • Providing the very best in support and tuition to every child, whatever their academic level.
  • Enhancing a child’s scholastic strengths and improving on any weaknesses.
  • Ensuring each child is equipped with a wide range of resources that will allow them to practice with mock exams, try out different questions and focus on any problem areas.
  • Keeping parents in the loop, so you always know how your child is doing and how you can help at home.


Looking for an 11 Plus Tuition Centre in Ilford?

If you are looking for an 11 plus tuition centre in Ilford or the surrounding areas, we can help. Our dedicated team of professional tutors have the knowledge, experience and teaching abilities required to help your child achieve success on the 11 Plus Exam. We understand the importance of attending a grammar school and work hard to ensure each child is up to the challenge. For more information get in touch today on 01206 214 109 or contact us online.