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Our 11+ Summer courses for 2019 are now open for booking.

Do you have 11 Plus worries on your mind? Is your child attending the CEM mock exam?
Worry no more, because we guarantee you success! As a fact, 98% of our students last year scored 303 points and above. Make sure your has the best chance with the 2019 exams.

Feedback is included in all the prices. The return of the actual papers and performance stats by post.


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What is included in the 11 Plus Mock Test Package?

The Mock test package is one of the most important elements as part of your child’s 11+ preparation.
It consists of either format of paper.

Within 3 days of completion you receive feedback with the % achieved, a list with rankings within the group, to know where your child stands and how much improvement they need, and areas they need to target more.

Summer Mock Exams

At your disposal, you will receive original CEM mock exam papers in the current format. Written by our own educational experts, our papers are based on the national curriculum and most recent student papers – this ensures an accurate simulation of the real exam.

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Dates for 2019 Mock Exam Sessions:

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The Keene Hall
Watchhouse Road
Chelmsford CM2 8PT


As part of the School of Education at the University of Durham, the CEM exam is an excellent assessment tool for children to see whether they’re suitable for a grammar school place. Namely, the CEMhas been producing school assessments for over 30 years and their entrance tests are used by around one-thirdof grammar schools. So, here is what you need to know about the CEM exams.


What is the 11 + CEM exam?

The CEM exam can vary by region and is known to use higher levels of vocabulary particularly for children from an independent schooling background which tend to work one to two years ahead of the national curriculum.


Parts of the following regions use CEM

  • Berkshire, Reading – Kendrick School, Reading School (Boys)
  • Devon Grammar Schools
  • Essex – Chelmsford County High School
  • North London – Latymer School, Henrietta Barnet School
  • Trafford Consortium Schools – Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, Sale Grammar School, Stretford Grammar School, andUrmston Grammar School.
  • Wiltshire – Bishop Wordsworth’s
  • Wirral Grammar Schools
  • Yorkshire – Heckmondwike Grammar


The agenda for each session

We have structured our tutoring sessions in order to match the environment of the CEM 11+ exam day as closely as possible. So, in each location,our CEM-style 11+ mock exam includes:

  • 2 multiple-choice test papers that last from 45 to 50 minutes at each session
  • Short break between the two test papers

Other features of CEM exams include:

  • Test papers with a range of verbal reasoning. This will include English comprehension and vocabulary.
  • Numerical reasoning and non-verbal reasoning questions. These are split into several sections in each test paper.
  • We recommend that our students write their working out on the actual question paper so we see how they got the result and examine their real level of knowledge. They are also permitted to write their working out on the real CEM test paper.
  • The students are also instructed to record all their answers on the separate multiple-choice answer sheet.


Our feedback to you as a parent

The feedback in the most important part of the getting ahead for your child, so within several days you will receive the following documents via email:

  • A record table which shows your child’s score in each element of the test papers, a total score for each test and a combined score for the two tests – next to your child’s scores, we also provide the group average score to help you identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses, relative to the other candidates
  • A letter providing a detailed description of the type of questions which appeared on the test papers, a Target Mark and lists of the more complex vocabulary from the actual test papers;
  • An anonymised list of scores achieved by other students who have written the same test papers – this will not only enable you to rank your child within the group but also to see how much improvement is required to progress.

Our 11+ CEM Mock Exams | The Eleven Plus Tutors in Essex
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