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  • Expert Eleven Plus tuition from expert 11+ tutors.
  • CCHS (FSCE) 11+ Preparation
  • C.S.S.E 11+ Exam Preparation
  • Online Tuition also Available
  • Exciting and positive learning that children enjoy.
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11 Plus Tutor Stock – Why us?

If your child will be sitting their Eleven Plus and wants to make sure they have all the tool needed for success, at Eleven Plus Tutors in Stock, we can help.

Our company provides you with experienced 11 plus tutors in the Stock area that have spent time working in real-world teaching environments. This way, they have developed professional skills and knowledge, all relevant to what your child is looking for.

It is our company’s goal to help as many students to reach the highest results at the 11 plus exams as we possibly can. We ensure you that every single tutor that works within our network has the same desire in mind, which is why they devote the utmost time and attention to help children succeed. To do so, they work flexibly, adapting to the child’s learning habits. And also, by utilising a range of modern tutoring methods and, of course, materials, all to ensure the children’s success.

If further interested, we have put together five great reasons why Eleven Plus Tutors Stock is the perfect choice for you and your child.

We use a wide range of materials and methods

As previously stated, here at Eleven Plus tuition in Stock, we encourage our tutors always to utilise the very best materials and methods to help their students. However, we also understand that not all students are the same, so they need different approaches to match their learning style. Our tutors take their time to learn more about the children that they are working with. This enables them to plan the very best ways to help them with their learning.

11 plus tuition in Stock as one-on-one personalised sessions

The school environment is all about teamwork and learning in large groups. However, this doesn’t always yield good results. Some children need a one on one tuition with a tutor that will teach through a personalised session. This is something that we are proud to offer here at Eleven Plus in Stock. Our tutors work with children on a one-on-one basis, which means that they can build up a picture of what the child needs help with the most and what their strengths are. They will also understand the learning methods and approaches that will help the child make the most of their tutoring time.

11 plus summer tuition program in Stock

If you and your child find it difficult to manage school and work together with the tuition, we have a solution. We have developed our extensive summer program where our tutors cover a wide range of different courses during summer weeks. All of these are designed to be fun and help the children grow their knowledge.

We always keep the parents informed

11 Plus Tutors understands that you as a parent are concerned about your child’s progress. This is why we have developed a solid communication strategy at all times. With us, parents are kept updated on the progress of the child. Not only this, but we also welcome calls and emails if you feel that you need to discuss things regarding your child’s progress further.

Our students come with a different range of abilities

The students our tutors have encountered have possessed different abilities and skillsets. While some of our students need intense work and additional help in particular areas of their studies, we also work with students that are already excelling. These students may not be getting sufficiently challenged during their regular school work. So to utilise their skills, they work with one of our tutors to ensure that their strengths are improved.

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