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  • 11 Plus tuition tailored to your child’s individual needs.
  • Expert Eleven Plus tuition from expert 11+ tutors.
  • CCHS (FSCE) 11+ Preparation
  • C.S.S.E 11+ Exam Preparation
  • Online Tuition also Available
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11 Plus Tutors – Why Choose One of Our 11 Plus Tutors in Rochford?

We are the right team to tutor your child to their eleven plus success because of our tremendous experience in the field. Our team of tutors has already helped thousands of students in Rochford achieve the results they need in entrance exams. We are highly skilled in delivering a fast-track educational system, and we can also help instil confidence in your child to enable them to flourish.

Our 11 plus tutors work with a wide range of methods and materials

Here at Eleven Plus tuition in Rochford, we encourage our tutors always to utilise the very best materials and methods to help their students. Also, we understand that not all students are the same, so they need different approaches to match their learning styles. Our tutors can take the time to learn more about the children that they are working with and plan the best ways to help them with their learning.

We are focused on having a richly differentiated set of services when it comes to tuition. This way, we can eradicate any weaknesses that exist and reinforce your child’s strengths while building and boosting their self-confidence.

A wide range of tuition services organised and tailored to each child’s individual needs:
– Our particularly in-demand writing club, where we craft creative writers,
– Our mock CSSE exams, which prepare children for the real-world exams that they’ll soon be challenged with,
– Summer tuition programs, and many more.

11 plus tuition in Rochford as one-on-one

The school environment is all about teamwork and learning in large groups. However, this doesn’t yield good results on all occasions. Sometimes the child needs one-on-one tuition with a tutor who will teach through a personalised session. This is something that we are proud to offer here at Eleven Plus. Our tutors work with children on a one-to-one basis, which means that they can build up a picture of what the child will need help with and what their strengths are. They will also understand the learning methods and approaches that are going to help the child make the most of their tutoring time.

Our summer 11 plus tuition program

If you and your child find it difficult to manage school and work together with the tuition, we have a solution. We have developed an extensive summer program where our tutors cover a wide range of different courses during summer weeks. All of these, we have designed to be fun and help the children grow their knowledge.

State-of-the-art customer service

Lastly, we would like you to know that excellent tuition services are not the only thing we specialise in. To know your child is in safe hands, we have developed outstanding customer service with our polite and knowledgeable staff of the Eleven Plus Tutors in Woodford. We take the time to listen and make sure we understand the needs of your child. This way, we can assign you one of our most appropriate tutors who will be best suited to your requirements and be at your service constantly should you need any further assistance and support.

For excellent 11 plus tuition in Rochford, call the office today on 01206 214109 or send the team a message via the contact page. Get in touch with us to talk in person about how we can help your child achieve all that they are capable of.