The Eleven Plus Tutors in East Ham

11 Plus Tutors in East Ham
  • 11 Plus tuition tailored to your child’s individual needs.
  • Expert Eleven Plus tuition from inspiring 11+ tutors.
  • Independent School Entrance Exam Preparation
  • GL, CCHS (FSCE) and CSSE Grammar School Entrance preparation
  • Online Tuition also Available
  • Vibrant and positive learning that children enjoy.
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Need an 11 plus tutors in East Ham? Have a look at what we can offer you

Living in East Ham and wanting to give your child the best chance to pass their Eleven Plus exams? If you do, then you are in the right place. We have a dedicated team of 11 plus tutors in Redbridge, offering a fantastic choice for parents and children in the area. This network of tutors can work with children on their learning thanks to their high levels of professionalism, as well as their experiences out in the real world.

We aim to ensure that every child we tutor has the best possible chance of success in their 11 plus exams; this is true for all our tutors. With this end goal in mind, they make it their aim to dedicate as much time and attention to the children that they tutor.

We always approach our tutoring with flexibility, as we recognise that every child is different and has their unique approach to learning. Therefore, we have developed and utilised a range of modern tutoring methods and materials, all of which can help children to thrive.


Our Approach

It is important to have the perfect combination of good quality tuition and the best materials. That way, we can ensure that we get our students to the highest grades after working with us.

We work with every student individually and tailor a new and fresh approach that is the perfect fit for their needs. Not only this, but after the initial planning we also make sure that we monitor and assess their progress throughout their learning journey. This will show us whether the methods and strategies we are using are working for their needs.

This approach has meant that we have become a go-to choice for many people in the East Ham area.

A Bespoke Approach To 11 plus Tutoring

Our team of tutors in Barkingside also works with children who are more advanced than the level of learning in school. They understand that it is crucial to continue progressing toward more knowledge and develop further their advanced skills. The tutor will give your child more engaging tasks that will challenge the student and encourage them to achieve all that they are capable of.

Of course, everything is discussed with you before implementation, and we also keep the parents in the loop of their children’s progress, abilities, and weaknesses. Furthermore, our tutors will design and customise their work plans according to your child, their interests and needs for improvement. This includes specifically 1-on-1 Tuition, mock CSSE, and GL Assessment  11 exam sessions, to name a few of our tutor services. Feel free to contact us to find out more about all the tutoring services.

Working with Parents

As well as working with children to ensure that their have the best outcome possible to their 11 plus exams, we also recognise that it is important to work with parents too. After all, they are going to want the best for their child.

Our tutors will always have regular progression meetings with parents to discuss how the child is progressing and whether any adaptations need to be made to the tutoring they receive.

We have always encouraged our tutors to build a foundation of trust between themselves and the parents, which they must work on and cultivate.

Once they have done this, this can encourage solid and open lines of communication. Not only with the tutor recommending different approaches that may match with the needs of the child, but also the parent being able to share any thoughts or concerns that they may have.

Our 1-on-1 Tuition sessions

Whilst schools are great for encouraging teamwork and helping children to be social, this group work approach isn’t always the best for learning. Many children will thrive when they are taught on a more one to one basis.

Which is why our tutoring is one to one. This helps us not only build up a picture of what a child will need in their unique learning journey, but also their strengths and weaknesses.

With this information in mind, they will be able to develop learning methods and approaches that will help children make the most of their tutoring time.

This fresh, new and updated method of tuition really helps the children we work with to develop their learning, get themselves ahead, and have the best chance of success for their future.