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Grammar Schools provide for an amazing academic opportunity, benefitting from far better student achievement statistics and extracurricular actives and experiences. And with Grammar schools in fewer numbers than ever before, the competition for places continues to become ever fiercer as our school populations increase, with only 164 Grammar schools remaining throughout the UK.


11 Plus Tutors Colchester – How 11 plus Tutors Essex are leading the way

11 Plus Tutors Essex are the leading tutors within the Colchester area and beyond. Through a fresh approach to their students they provide engaging and inspiring tutoring that consistently secures the results that their students and their parents seek.

For the student who is preparing for the 11 Plus exams preparation can seem like an understandably intimidating process, and so more and more parents are turning to the professionals for a reassuring and informed pair of hands.

As a leading provider of tuition in Colchester 11 Plus Essex provides the following invaluable benefits to each and every one of their students that receive tutoring in Colchester in the comfort of their own homes, including:

– Innovative use of resources that engage and inspire;

– A completely customised learning plan that fits around the student and their strengths and weaknesses;

– Comprehensive knowledge of the 11 Plus exam and all that it entails;

– Ongoing assessments of the student’s progress to build the upcoming sessions around them and their capabilities.


Going Beyond Mere Exam Prep

Beyond the initial tutoring and teaching of key principles for the 11 Plus you equally need to consider mental preparation when seeking out effective Tutoring in Colchester.

11 Plus Tutors Essex place unparalleled value upon their students’ confidence, and consistently work towards their being mentally prepared for the exam conditions themselves.

What’s more they can also advise and guide upon success at interview stage, which makes for the next stage of grammar school entrance conditions following a successful exam.

Highly experienced tutors, professionally trained teachers

When looking for Tutoring in Colchester you may well come across a wide array of options, however it’s vitally important that you ensure the company you’re choosing uses only qualified teachers with relevant professional experience.

11 Plus Tutors Essex only ever provide tutors who are highly experienced and professionally quailifed as teachers. They have first-hand experience of working both within the classroom as well as within student’s homes with pupils who have higher than average capabilitites. What’s more with a complete commitment to solid customer service they ensure that their student’s parents are kept informed every step of the way as to how well their child is doing and what further they may be able to do at home to advance.


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