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11 Plus Tutor in Harlow – Why Choose One of Our 11+ Tutors? Great Tuition!

Our tuition sessions in Harlow are built around the specific needs of our students. Supporting students in their academic journey is our tutors’ primary focus and something they do for many years now with our tuition programs. 

This is how we know what the best approach for each student is. In the tutor sessions per hour, instead of the students being accustomed to “our way of tuition,” like in school, our tutors create personalized learning programs according to the learning habits, current knowledge, and primary potential. Our tutors can select the best tutor program for your child’s tuition through different assessments.


A large variety of tuition options in Harlow

At Eleven Plus, our tutors understand that parents are busy, and children take many extracurricular activities apart from school obligations. So they may not be available for the classic tutor programs per hour. This is why each Eleven Plus tutor in our team has in primary focus to develop a different set of tuition services that work with everyone’s needs. 

One-on-one per hour, summer tuition programs where they read on the subjects that they are behind with at school, in the writing club they read and write, mock CSSE exams, and many others, are here to fit your busy schedule and help your child advance at school.  

If your child has an affinity for creative writing, their talent should be supported and worked on by one of our tutors. School teachers cannot do this in the same manner. Therefore, our in-demand writing club enables tutors to teach potential creative writers how to express their primary creativity on paper. Here they have the chance to read about other writers and to write their original pieces. 

Also, through our mock CSSE exams, we prepare your child for the actual exams in real conditions, so once they take the exam at school, they are fully equipped for it and know what to expect. 


Teacher Communication – constant consultation and practical assessments

Each Eleven Plus Tutor has a primary focus on outstanding customer service. Our polite staff is there to listen to your child’s needs, consult, and recommend the best tutor approach based on the primary requirements. By getting to know each student, we can assign the right tutor to help your child reach their peers’ level and beyond, exceeding in school. We can also contact them online to give your child extra material to read through at home so they can continuously improve. 

Our tutors are here to listen to every parent and help with various aspects of their child’s education in the best way possible. You can contact them online or in person. Whether your child needs to catch up for the lost time at school, read more on a particular subject or needs support in passing an entrance exam, our tutors are happy to help.


Tuition? A bespoke approach for your child

Our approach to the Eleven Plus tutoring has experienced considerable success within the area of Harlow. The tutor’s style per hour is set not only to teach your child but to engage them in the primary material and challenge them. By immersing them in the subject, your child gains actual knowledge instead of learning superficially without gaining any fundamental understanding or value of the primary subject like at school. Our tutors teach them how to continue learning and to read further on a school subject that interests them because, after all, “The day you stop learning is the day you stop growing.”

The Eleven Plus Tutor in Harlow: Our 1-on-1 Tuition per hour

Among the variety of tutoring options, we now offer a personal tutor on a one-on-one basis per hour. We test your child’s current knowledge level during the assessment, where they need improvement, their strengths and weaknesses, their affinities, and their primary potential. Based on the data, we assign a dedicated tutor. This is one of the best ways for your child to advance because the tutor is the same each week. 

So, your child has the opportunity to get to know the tutor and feel comfortable during the tuition per hour, so they show everything they’re capable of and ask questions. By signing up for a one-on-one personal tutor on a per-hour basis, your child’s tutor can pinpoint the exact areas where they need to work on more and can tell them online what to read at home so your child can improve and overcome all obstacles.


Eleven Plus Tutor in Harlow: Top-notch tutoring strategy

At Eleven Plus tuition, we are fully dedicated to help your child and support them in reaching their maximum potential at our per-hour sessions. We believe every child has talents and interests, but mainstream education, a one-size-fits-all model, cannot address every child’s specific needs. So, with our carefully constructed method of assessing your child’s potentials and then assigning a suitable tutoring model per hour, we can help them improve their weak areas. We do this by setting various tasks to the class and giving extra online materials if needed.

Harlow Resident? Contact us to talk about the best strategy for your child

It is through our reliable communication with the parents that we can achieve such outstanding results. Do not hesitate to contact us online for a free consultation per hour regarding your child’s needs. Our tutors share their professional opinion online with you and give you advice on improving and monitoring your child’s success in the years to come.

Contact the office on 01206 214109. If it suits you better, you can contact us online or send us a message via our contact page and request a callback.