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11 Plus Tuition Centre in Bexleyheath – Why Choose Us as Your 11+ Tutors?

At Eleven Plus Tutoring in Bexleyheath, we go above and beyond to help our students advance at school. Our team consists of professionals with real-world school experience, which is why we are parents’ first choice when it comes to tutoring services. 


Our tutors’ way of work

The tutors in our team devote special attention to their students in the group to get to know them, their strong and weak points to work on the obstacles the child is facing, and overcome them effortlessly. 

With that said, the tutors in our tuition centres create an environment that motivates your child to excel within the set range of subjects needed for their 11 plus exams. Making each child feel comfortable allows them to focus on improving their knowledge through our mock exams and express themselves freely. That way, they can show what they truly know and where they have difficulties. 

In our tuition centres, we have mock exams and plus mock exams for grammar, mathematics, English language, or for any other subject in which your child feels less confident. 

Our tuition centres have a wide range of programs and methods

With each passing season, our tutors update the materials we use to be the very best and specifically suited to each student.

The need for a wide range of methods and materials in our tuition centres comes from the fact that not every child is the same. Our tutors understand that each student may need a different approach to match their learning style and advance at school. This is why the tutors in our team work on learning how each child studies to plan the material and mock exams accordingly. 

The broad set of tutoring programs in our tuition centres

In our tuition centres, we are focused on differentiating our set of services so that our tutors match all your needs and expectations. Thus, based on years of experience, we have specialised in the following tuition programs, which are also our most popular, year after year:

  • Our particularly in-demand writing club, where creative writers are crafted,
  • Our GL mock exams, which prepare children for the actual exam that they’ll soon be challenged with,
  • Summer tutoring programs,
  • One-on-one tutoring services

And many more based on your child’s particular needs.

Best-spoken services for your child

After years of hard work and dedication to developing the best teaching methods possible, we are proud to say we have earned a status as the most visited 11 Plus tuition centre in Bexleyheath. For this, we are thankful for your absolute trust in our experienced, high-calibre tutors.

Our Expert Team

To become part of our tutoring teams anywhere in London and the UK, each potential candidate, has to show not only their immense experience but also their motivation to work with children and be devoted to creating the best possible programs and plus mock exams to eliminate any weaknesses and to reinforce your child’s strengths while boosting their self-confidence at school.

With such hard-working and devoted people on our side, to date, through our plus mock exams and tuition services, we have helped thousands of students pass their 11 plus exam with high scores and maintain their love for studying to excel further in life.

A continual parent-tutor communication

With us, you are in the loop of your child’s progress every step of the way. We understand that a solid tuition partnership between the tutor and the parent goes a long way and can help the child progress even further.

You are included every step of the way

This is why whenever you need any update about your child’s learning curve, your tutor is there to inform you about everything on the tuition class. 

You will be informed promptly by the teacher of any progress or drawbacks that might occur during an exam. Such a method allows you to also work with your child separately at home to overcome the obstacles. 

Working at home too

Based on your child’s knowledge and success, your tutor might give you guidelines on what you can work with your child at home with some extra tuition materials and exam so that you can enhance their success in school even more.

Our additional tuition services

Apart from the standard programs, our tutors can adapt to your specific needs and create customised tuition classes that suit your busy schedule throughout the year. With that said, let’s take a closer look at our most popular tutoring programs.

11 Plus Tuition Summer Program

Throughout the school year, both students and parents may be overwhelmed by all the activities they have in their busy schedule. Additionally, extracurricular activities like sports, music, or languages can overwhelm the child and make it harder for them to follow the same pace as each exam and with all subjects at school. 

This indeed isn’t to say that out-of-school activities aren’t favourable. Only that if your child ever gets behind on the material in any exam, a summer tuition program might be exceptionally advantageous for catching up.

1-on-1 Tuition per hour

Another popular tutoring option is the one-on-one class per hour or private class, where tutors test your child’s current knowledge level to understand which area needs improvement in the private lessons. This is an excellent way to assess a child’s affinities and their primary potential so that the tutor knows how to tailor each private class based on the data.

The best way to advance

The one-on-one private class per hour with the same tutor each week is truly the best way for your child to advance because your tutor can pinpoint the exact areas on which your child needs to work more to overcome all obstacles.

Contact us today for the best tutoring strategy for your child

Our students achieve outstanding results through our teaching programs and our reliable communication with the parents. 

So, contact us today, with no obligations or strings attached, so that we can talk about what your child needs. 

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