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11 Plus Tutors Thurrock– Why Choose an 11+ Tutor of ours in Grays?

As a testament to the great results our 11 plus tutors in Thurrock achieve, stands the fact that each year we are experiencing a tremendous growth in student number. It is of our utmost pleasure to make sure our students reach their full potential. With 11 plus tuition in Thurrock they can overcome any difficulty they once had with a certain subject. The academic achievement of our students is our passion. Which is why our tutors tend to give each and every student personalized tools to thrive in school. With this type of tuition, they will conquer exams, developing a love for learning for the rest of their lives.

We regularly have children attending tuition and looking for an 11 Plus tutor in the surrounding areas such as: Chafford Hundred, Stanford-le-Hope, South Ockendon, Horndon and Fobbing.

11 Plus tutors Thurrock: Our approach

We believe that by having a solid tuition, combined with new, engaging materials results in high scores every time. This is why the 11 plus tutors are upgrading the traditional tutoring model. We do this around a fresh approach designed by the needs of each and every one of the students. Our tutors are able to take the time to learn more about the children that they are working with and plan in the best ways to help them with their learning. While tutoring, we also evaluate and continually asses their progress in order to evolve and improve our strategies based on their needs.

Additionally, we understand that different approaches that match every student’s style is the key to success, because not every child is the same. The innovative tutoring techniques which are a part of each tutoring session, have provided us with significant word of mouth referrals around the Thurrock area.

The very best materials and methods

When speaking further of our approach, the carefully selected methods our 11 plus tutors use are completed by the latest, most advanced materials that make the entire learning process easier and more fun. We understand that the utilization of interactive and modern approaches, suited to our students’ needs is what creates the interest in your child to take part and overcome any learning obstacles they have been experiencing.

One-on-one tutoring sessions in Thurrock

Talking about different teaching methods, we also offer the one-on-one technique where your child has the chance to be taught by the same tutor every time. This allows for the tutor to get to know your child and their learning style more personally which then enables them to craft a personalized learning approach. Also, the child is able to feel more comfortable and be more confident to show what they know and what they’re truly capable of during the tutoring sessions.

Comprehensive communication and parental support

As professionals, we are aware that preparing for exams is a stressful time for both the student and the parent. Therefore, at 11 plus tuition Thurrock, we have developed a strategy based on solid communication. What this means is that we communicate to the parents continuously. This is creating trust between the tutor, the student and the parent. By doing so, we are able to update them to any progress or drawback their child may be experiencing during the tuition. Solid communication also includes tips and advice from our side to the parents. It’s how we recommend them with ways to enhance their child’s progress and potential in the future. This also helps to overcome any obstacles that exist.

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Don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you are interested in arranging an assessment or you have a few questions about our services, we are here. Our team is always on hand to help, and can be contacted directly on 01375 523491. Alternatively, you can send a message via our contact page.

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  • Librarylady

    Every child is different. Some are born excited about school and learning, others not so much. And still others just need a little help. Thank goodness for math tutors, or I would not have made it through some of my college courses. It is such an amazing feeling when someone explains a concept and the light suddenly dawns. You do an important job here.