• Initial Assessmen
  • Tutor Selection
  • Teaching Style
  • Payment

Initial Assessment

After meeting us, you can decide to go for the first session with your child will involve an initial assessment from which we will create an individualised learning plan.

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Tutor Selection


All of our tutors undergo a rigorous selection process and are all graduate teachers with full CRB screening.

Some other providers use tutors who are not practicing teachers and do not understand current teaching and learning strategies.


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Assessment and Teaching Style


Past exam papers play a large part in what we do, but we are pride ourselves upon teaching and the learning of underlying concept rather than just mechanical recall exercises.

We engage in formative assessment which means that the marking of the child’s work enables them to highlight strengths and weakness and create targets for moving forward. Regular assessments create an accurate benchmarking of where the student is currently placed and what action is required.


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The hourly charge for our 1-to-1 expert services is £40 per hour.



If you cancel the day before the tutoring session (24 hours notice) the tutor will try to reschedule for another evening. If you cancel during the day of the tutoring session you should expect to pay the tutor, as it is impossible to schedule another student for that time slot. If you decide you want to cancel all tutoring arrangements or want to change the frequency, the parent (not the student) informs the tutor.


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About Academy

We are one of the number one services for the Eleven Plus Exam and Grammar School Entry in Essex.

With a track record in enabling all of our students to pass the Eleven Plus Examination, we are proud to reach out and offer our expert tuition services across Essex.

Why Choose Us

  • A very small team of highly experienced tutors
  • A full understanding of the 11 Plus Exam in Essex
  • Online tracking of your child’s progress
  • Creative writing workshops
  • We run a series of Mock exams in the Summer with in-depth feedback

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