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how to become an 11 plus tutor



If tutoring is something that interests you, you have come to the right place. In fact, we are in search of talented and devoted 11 plus teachers that can join our team. So read along to find out what opportunity The Eleven Plus Tutors Ltd offers you, and feel free to contact us if you need more information. How to become an 11 plus tutor:


Want to earn an extra income?

If teaching is your passion and you’re looking for a teaching job that will fulfil your dreams and give you the flexibility you need to create the perfect work/life balance, here are some tips and guidelines that will put you in the right direction.


What is the 11 plus, to begin with?

The 11 plus exam is a test that children sit in their last year of primary school. Through it, they show everything they have mastered throughout their current education. This exam is used by schools in certain areas in the UK. It is a means for the selection for grammar school and it can vary from county to county, but it usually tests for Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.


Qualifications for becoming an 11 Plus  Tutor

Currently, in the UK, we don’t have official accreditations required on how to become an 11 plus tutor, which means that you can easily start a private tutoring business. However, what is required by parents, are qualified and devoted tutors that can truly transfer knowledge and skills onto their children. A membership to The Tutors Association is advised.

How qualified a tutor should be is at the discretion of parents and students, but, it is always advisable to ask for proof of qualifications and experience in order to rest assured that you and your child will get the best service possible.


A vast range of resources and materials

You, as an 11 Plus tutor, you will need to have a large number of resources at hand that you can use with your students. This can include anything from practice papers and subject-specific exercises and will be exceptionally useful in tutoring your students.


How to get a DBS Check?

As an 11 Plus tutor teaching children under 18, we recommend that you obtain a DBS certificate. Although it isn’t legally required and is optional, by experience we have noticed that parents prefer tutors to have had a criminal background check.

Currently, in our country, you can only apply for a DBS through an employer and not by yourself, but through a third party like an agency or an associated umbrella body.

This being said, if you want to tutor students at home, you should definitely consider taking public liability and private indemnity insurance. This is useful in the event of a child injures themselves during a lesson or if a parent decided to take legal action for the advice you have given to their child.


Skills to Develop

Experience and devotion are important, yes, but there are skills that are favourable to develop and work on in order to ensure success as a private tutor for 11+ exams. Namely, as an 11 plus tutor, it’s important to encourage your students and be positive when tutoring then because positive reinforcement and encouragement areessential in connecting with a student and reassuring them of their progress. Furthermore, you need to be able to see what your students need. An accurate assessment of their needs and difficulties will allow you to take the right approach from the beginning and help them as much as you can. Additionally, as we all know, every person learns differently. So if you want to know how to tutor a child successfully, you should have a few different tutoring styles to approach your students. Getting your students to engage with the content and presenting information in various ways will ensure they understand but also truly enjoy the tutoring session and show improvement at school overall.

Last but not least, the right approach combined with patience will take you as a tutor and your students very far. Some children truly struggle with understanding certain subjects and concepts, but showing patience is very important for their self-confidence and their progress, even if it’s in very small steps. You must show you acknowledge not only their results but their attempts too.


Reasons to join our team:

Now that you know how to become an 11 plus tutor in Essex, here are some practical reasons and advantages as to why joining our team of 11 plus tutors in Essex may be the best thing for your business.


Wondering how to become an 11 plus tutor with us? No time-consuming paperwork

Paperwork and getting your documentation ready really takes a lot of time and energy and why make it hard when you can easily hand that tedious task to us? We at 11 Plus Tutors in Essex have all the tools and equipment and are more than happy to do it for you and make your start as a tutor fun as easy, as much as we can.


Competitive rates of pay

Doing what you love is rewarding on its own, but the rate of pay falls under an important category when considering taking this job. Namely, we offer excellent rates of pay and benefits to all of the tutors and teachers who are part of our team.


Teamwork is our priority

The environmentis as important as the workplace as the job itself, and we are very proud that we have managed to create a friendly and fun environment where all tutors feel safe and welcome. We all work towards one common goal: our students’ successful achievements at school.


Modern equipment

Another important aspect of successful teaching, apart fromthe materials, is the equipment used. This is supposed to catch the children’s attention allowing your skills to come through and transfer knowledge and skills onto them, making for a fun and exciting teaching/learning process.



Flexibility and creating a work-life balance is very important for all of our tutors. That is an aspect that we also strive to achieve which is why we offer the flexibility you need to work the hours that suit you best.


Working with small groups

Smalls groups are optimal for tutoring and making sure each child receives the attention and devotion from you as a tutor, they need. This is why we create groups of up to four or five students the most, but also offer one-on-one tutoring sessions in Essex as well.


Get In Touch

The Eleven Plus Tutors Ltd specialises in delivering part-timeprivate tuition for children. We are looking for teachers who share our same enthusiasm and desire to provide our students with the excellent quality of tuition that we have been offering since we first started.

So, if you want to know how to become an 11 plus tutor and you hold Primary or Secondary teaching qualifications in English or Maths, then give us a call on 01206 214109 to become part of the team of The Eleven Plus Tutors Ltd.



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