CSSE Mock Exams

CSSE Mock Exams

Worried about your kid’s nerves during CSSE exams? Why not get them used to them now? It is natural for a parent to be worried about their child’s future. Especially when it comes to passing their CSSE exams and setting themselves up for the best start in life. If this is true for you, then […]

CEM Mock Exams

Get your kids used to CEM mock exams now and help curb their nerves for the real thing Taking CEM exams can be a worrying time for parents, as well as a nerve wracking time for kids. The main concern for parents is that these pass these exams, and give themselves a great start for […]

How to get boys reading image

How to get boys reading?

Do you feel that reading just isn’t as popular with children these days? We’re all too wrapped up in our iPhones and tablets, after all, and attention-grabbing apps and games are too much competition for boring old books. Well, you might be surprised to learn that sales of children’s books rose by 16% over the […]