Why Choose the 11+ Tuition Centre in Ilford?

Why Choose the 11+ Tuition Centre in Ilford?

When it comes to your child sitting the 11 Plus Exam it is important to give them the best chance of success. Though help at home and time spent helping your child to learn is great, nothing can beat the assistance of tutors whose expertise lies with the 11 Plus Exam.   Why Choose the […]

11 Plus Tuition Centre in Ilford

When it comes to your child’s education we’re sure you want what is best for them, and though standard local secondary schools provide a good education, for many they do not offer everything a child needs to excel. Facts and figures show that children who attend grammar schools often achieve better exam results and leave […]

The Positive Impact of Reading on Children’s Development

The positive impact of reading on children’s development is common knowledge. Events like World Book Day promote literacy, each year, as the answer to many if not most of the problems our education system faces. But where has this idea come from? Is it a simple assumption that maybe doesn’t have a basis in solid […]