A New Way of Teaching Maths

A New Way of Teaching Maths

Ground breaking research makes waves throughout the mathematics world Mathematics is a notoriously despised subject for the majority students, ranging from primary school age right up until the time of sweet 16s where the majority say goodbye to the subject with nothing short of adulation. However it now seems that there may well be newly […]

Insights and Signs of a Gifted Child- How do you know that you have one?

We obviously all love our children, and we can be incredibly proud of all that they achieve, however beyond this it can be difficult to truly decipher whether your child is genuinely gifted, particularly as you’re undoubtedly biased as to their abilities and skillsets. And whilst schools are able to officially identify such children through means including screening tests, IQ tests, […]

The National Curriculum: A Parent’s Guide to upcoming changes

        Any mention to changes within the National Curricular and parents are rightly concerned, particularly those parents who may have already experienced the National Curriculum, first hand through the eldest of their children. However such concerns tend to swirl around one central point: a lack of understanding and information. To this end […]