Tutoring in Colchester

Tutoring in Colchester

There are a number of different types of schools open for parents to consider and one of the top performing are the grammar schools. These schools provide a high quality education as well as a great school life with extracurricular activities and experiences for students. The biggest problem with grammar schools is that there are […]

The 11 Plus Assessment Hub- The Best 11 Plus Online Practice

The 11 Plus Hub – On-line Practice The 11 Plus Hub is an on-line learning resource for students practising for their 11 plus exam.  We understand this is a really important stage in many children’s lives and want to make the experience one that is not stressful but simple to use and gives your child everything […]

Brentwood tutors see rise in demand for 11-plus help

Our Brentwood Tutors The 11-plus examination is one that sometimes gives children (and parents) large amounts of stress. Recently, there has been a rise in the number of parents requesting Brentwood tutors to help their children with preparation for this all- important examination, taking their child’s education very seriously, and opting for extra assistance, particularly […]

11 Plus Mock Exams in Essex – CSSE/CEM Chelmsford Test Centre

Our Summer 2018 Mock Exam Courses are now closed for booking. 11 Plus worries? Exam nerves?  98% of those who sat our exams last year got above 303 points. Give your child the best chance with the 2018 CSSE and CEM 11 Eleven Plus Mock Exams in Chelmsford, Essex Session now open for booking-  All […]