11 Plus tuition in Colchester

There are a number of different types of schools open for parents to consider and one of the top performing are the grammar schools. These schools provide a high quality education as well as a great school life with extracurricular activities and experiences for students. The biggest problem with grammar schools is that there are only a limited number of them, 164 in the UK, and this means a very limited number of places are available.

11 Plus Tutors Colchester- Boosting Chances

In order to help children prepare for their 11 plus and increase their chances of winning one of those grammar school places, many parents are turning to specialist 11 plus tuition Colchester. The 11 Plus Tutors  cover both Colchester and the surrounding area and offer a fresh approach to tuition that also gets the best possible results. Getting ready to take the 11 Plus can be stressful and intimidating for children so an increasing number of parents are seeking the services of a specialist tuition company. By making use of the services of a trained and experienced 11 Plus tutor, children can maximise their chances of passing their exam while reducing the stress of the process. This means parents can be both confident in their children’s ability and happy with their state of mind.


Our Tuition approach in Colchester

11 Plus Tutors Essex have a proven system in place to help children do their best at the exam. For starters, tuition takes place in their own homes where they are comfortable and relaxed. This removes the nerves of going somewhere different that can affect some children. The tuition involves innovative use of resources that aim to inspire and engage the children rather than simply forcing knowledge onto them. Comprehensive 11 plus tuition in Colchester involves more than just preparing for the examination. It involves a comprehensive knowledge of what the exam entails as well as a constant assessment of how the child is doing in their preparation. The tuition is personalised to the individual, building the sessions around their capabilities and aptitudes in a way that can be different for every child. One big difference between the tuition given by 11 Plus Tutors Essex and other tuition forms is their approach to considering mental preparation as well as knowledge. This means they work to boost the child’s confidence and get them mentally prepared for the examination process. The tutors can even offer their assistance for the interview process that takes place once the 11 plus exam has been passed. This is the final stage in getting that crucial grammar school place and helps your child stand out from others in this process.


Who are 11 Plus Tutors Essex?

11 Plus Tutors Essex- Colchester are a group of experienced tutors and teachers who are qualified in their field. This means they have extensive first-hand experience in tutoring children in their home environment and getting the best from them in preparation for the all-important exam. The company also offer a solid customer service that means parents understand what is taking place and how their child is doing at all stages of the process. By contacting them, you will be provided with a one to one assessment of the child’s current abilities and the plan used to prepare them for their exam, working on areas of weakness and boosting their strengths.